Goyang International Flower Festival

Alice Hong (Gayoung)

          We were able to see many cherry blossoms whenever we walked around the campus few weeks ago. Now that it is getting hotter and hotter, flowers are turning into green leaves and it is quite hard for us to see flowers around our school. It is quite sad that we are not able to see flowers for a while, but you don’t have to be that sad. Starting on the 27th of April, Goyang city will have an ‘International Flower Festival’ until the 13th of May. Let me introduce this festival to you guys.

홍가영 5-1

^Part of the flower festival

(Photo reference: http://korean.visitkorea.or.kr/kor/bz15/where/festival/festival.jsp?cid=141799)

It is the 12th event this time. It is one of Goyang city’s representative festival. It takes place at ‘Lake Park’ near ‘Jeongbalsan’ station. I have attached the way to the festival from Hanyang at the end of this article. Here at the festival, you are able to watch and experience many things related to flower. It is separated into two parts, ‘indoor gallery’ and ‘outdoor gallery.’ At the ‘indoor gallery,’ you are able to see 15 different country’s flower culture. Also, you can see many flower arts done by famous artists all around the world. So basically, the indoors are like a museum. The outdoors is mostly about taking photos. There are many flowers and photo zones where you can take one of your life’s best photos.

Besides the galleries, there are many booths where you can experience different things related to flower. You can make your own flowerpots and bouquets. Moreover, there are places where you can experience Korea’s traditional culture. There are also booths for local food – you can eat many different things at the festival!

Not only the experiencing part, you can see many shows. There are K-pop shows, traditional dance shows, Opera, orchestra, magic shows, and so on. Flower shows are also arranged on certain days, so it would be good for you to check the day you are planning to go to see the flower festival. There are many competitions going on, too.

The price to enter is quite cheap. All foreigners are getting a discount, so you guys can enter in 8000 won. However, if you are not a foreigner, you must pay 12000 won to enter. Still, if you buy a ticket before April 27th when the festival begins, you can get the tickets in 8000 won.

Official website is attached, so if you are interested, please check for extra information at the homepage! ( https://flower.or.kr:5521/main/main.php )

*Way to go to Goyang International Flower Festival from Hanyang (Takes about 90 minutes)

> ‘Hanyang University’ or ‘Wangsimni’ Station (Line number 2 – Green Line) -> ‘Euljiro 3-ga Station’ (Line number 3 – Orange Line) -> ‘Jungbalsan Station’ -> Walk for about 15 minutes to ‘Lake Park’

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