My last article for this semester (by Yongshin)

This is the last article of this semester for me. It was the 2nd semester that I worked as a hubs blogger. One of the biggest changes of this semester was that I tried to write various types of articles. Last semester, I mostly write articles about places to go near Seoul. It was my favorite topic, but I thought it would be better to write some articles related to other topics. I wrote some articles that related to school. I introduced some lounges and delivery food and the route to business school building. It was my first time to write articles related to our school. I found out that there are some various interesting things to write some articles about our school. Many foreign students need some information about school so I hope to write some more articles about our school in next semester. Also, I wrote some articles related to Glitters. Because I’m the member of Glitters, I mostly deliver the news and activities of Glitters. I hope foreign students can know about Glitters and what they do for foreign students.

(For those who wonder about Glitters)

I have some experience of working as reporter, but for this one, it is always hard to write the article. The most difficult time is when I choose the topic of the article. It is always hard to think about some new topics that foreign students will have interest on. However, by concerning about the topic, I could think better one which makes my article more valuable. I hope you read my articles and get some tips or useful information from it.

(Article by Yongshin, a sophomore of Hanyang University Business School)

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