My Life in 1st Semester in 2018

Anne Lee

Hi, I am Lee Eun Ji from department of Finance. Serving as reporter at HUBS, provided me with a marvelous memory. During a semester, I had a golden opportunity to interact with both foreign and Korean students who were all fluent in English. Thanks to them, my English skills kind of revived.

A semester is a short period of time but it is long enough for something to happen. I could communicate with new friends from other countries or other business school students. I could see beautiful flowers bloom and take moments of them like pictures below.

The place behind HUBS, and HaengWon Park in front of HUBS are definitely proud places in Hanyang University. We, as HUBS students could sightsee them for free, every single day.

이은지 10-1.jpg

There were many tiny dusts recently, but the blue sky that sometimes came up gave us energy and happiness.

이은지 10-2.jpg

During a semester, the most special memory I obtained was, that I had new family member, ‘Bam’. It is Savel Pomeranian. Before I adopted it, I was so worried about how much stress Bam would get if I were not at home or he lived in a small room. However, I gave him my love as much as I could and probably, Bam felt it and he did not seem to be stressed at all. My life changed with Bam. My university life much more prospered.

이은지 10-3.jpg

As we age in university, grow order, grades go higher, we face more difficulties. It can be in terms of relationship, money or study. Being a reporter, sky blue, beautiful flowers and adopting Bam were all like welcome rain during the drought. It was the most satisfying, worthwhile semester of all 3 semesters I have gone through in HUBS. I strongly recommend you to be a HUBS reporter and get great memory from that.

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