Useful Chinese Websites About Korea You Can’t Afford to Miss

Most useful Chinese websites about Korea you can’t miss

Before coming to Korea, I think many people will very desire to know all about Korea in order to quickly get used to the life here. However, where can I find the information about Korea? It must be a common question. In fact, due to the development of Internet, you can find your desirable information on the internet. Today, I will introduce several useful Chinese websites and social media to you. Want to know more about Korea, follow me.


1. icnkr


Homepage of icnkr (Source: icnkr)

Firstly, I strongly recommend you to sign an account on (奋斗在韩国).As you can see, this is a BBS founded in 2006, the biggest online platform for Chinese people who are in Korea to communicate with each other.

On the homepage, you can see different sections of this website. There are 6 sections, including online forum, Hanyouwang (the website about travelling around Korea), cosmetology, news, personal blog and coupon. You are able to get the latest news about Korea on the homepage and find information you want in terms of specific sections easily.

For exchange students from China, I think “practical part” (实用) is the most attractive part for  you to understand Korean culture and customs. You may be very confused about the VISA, housing, delivery, education, luggage and other daily life issues. If this is the first time you go abroad, everything seems to be unknown. Luckily, because of much experience shared on this part, you can get satisfactory answers here.


This is the daily life problem under the “Practical” part. As you see, you can ask questions and answer questions too. You can make some internet friends. (Source: icnkr)

What’s more, some convenient tools are also presented on this website. The Korean map, subway lines, China-Korean calendar and searching engine surely help you live in Korea. I need to point out that the Korean map is in both Chinese and Korean so that you can get to your destination with less difficulty.


Under the “Tool” part, there are the guidelines about how to use this bbs and what is users’ responsibility. (Source: icknr)

Nowadays, more people use social media than websites to search information. Therefore, icnkr created its Weibo and Wechat account too. Its Weibo account is 奋斗在韩国 (with V)and its Wechat account is wwwicnkrcom. They regularly share many interesting and practical information covering meals, entertainment, education and Kpop etc. Once you use it, you will know how to make the best use of it.



Is it familiar? is what I mentioned above. is one of the partners of icnkr, so you may get link of Hanyouwang on icnkr. I think you have guessed the functions of Hanyou(韩游) because of its Chinese name. Exactly, Hanyou is the website all about travel tips and guidelines in Korea. As an exchange student, one of your schedules must be travelling. Hanyou provides travel tips, travel places introduction, coupons, etc. If you don’t want to be tired of doing research, why not follow the travel tips to discover Korea. Also you can directly book the cheaper tickets here. Its Weibo account is 韩游网(with V) and its Wechat account is icnkryou1.



Its full URL is . This website is operated by Korean Tourism Organization. With less commercial advertisements, here you can find more unusual messages. It announces the theme of the present month on the homepage. Besides, it updates current activities very fast. There are many free and interesting activities held each month. You can join if you have time. VisitKorea also has its Weibo account: 韩国旅游发展局微博. The Wechat accounts of VisitKorea are divided into different regions, including GuangZhou, BeiJing, Xi An, Shen Yang and so on.

There are many other websites about Korea, such as, , their functions are very similar. Therefore, I will spend less time on these websites. In my opinion, that 3 websites I point out are enough for you to explore Korea.


4. Weibo & Wechat

Weibo and Wechat have more details but disordered information. The names of these accounts are listed as follows: 大学明日杂志社, 汉阳大学学人学者联谊会, 汉阳大学经营系学生会, 在韩国思密达, 每日韩语, etc. Daily Korean (每日韩语) teachs you basic Korean every day. Because you are exchange student in Hanyang, so you can also follow Hanyang official account which you can get more information about Hanyang. They also have Wechat account: HY-CSU, Hanyangbusiness. I think you just follow their accounts and then you can get news on specific fields.

868850496596981042 593212149192810467

(The Wechat account of Hanyang University Chinese Student Union)

310092830384850527 186156699274916788

(This is the Wechat account of Hanyang University Business School Chinese Student Union.)

You can do more research through these websites and social media. Subsequently, you will feel less nervous about your life in Korea. I sincerely hope it will be helpful to you. Wish you have a good time in Korea.


Article by Jessica from China

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