As a reporter of HUBS (by Jonghyuk)

As a reporter of HUBS

This was my second semester working as reporter of HUBS. This semester I was participating in a business strategy academy so I did not have a lot of time to write my articles on time. However, I did participate regularly in the lunch meetings and kept talking about the topics of the week.

Over the course two semesters of working as a reporter in HUBS, I thought of some improvement points.

Because we have started writing our articles from 2014, it is hard to find topics we have not written. I think that most of our topics are limited to topics like campus and Seoul. Of course, introducing the changes of the campus and Seoul is important but for a more vital blogger we should include some academical articles. Like the interviews with the business school professors introducing the class in Hanyang university or other alumnus to give information about Hanyang university. Also, I think that including some case studies of Korean companies could make a more vitalized blog. If we maintain the regular articles introducing the campus and Seoul and include some academical there will be more people to be interested to Hanyang business school. If the people interested to study business in Korea search the internet and find the both fun articles and the academical articles they will come to HUBS rather than SKK or Korea.

(Article by Jonghyuk, a sophomore of Hanyang University Business School)

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