The magical Korean sauce: Cham-gi-ruem (Roasted Sesame Oil) (by Jeong Mok)

In Korean foods, 7 out of 10 dishes are made with Cham-gi-ruem. It is made with milled sesame seeds, and it has a rich and nutty/buttery flavor and gives a unique taste to most Korean foods.


Cham-gi-ruem is one of the most common ingredients used in Korean cuisine. For instance, Cham-gi-ruem is used to season Namul (vegetable side dishes), giving it a glossy finish, and also Bulgogi, Bibimbob, Jap Chae, fish-cake, soups, and kimbob. Moreover, it is common for Korean people to use Cham-gi-ruem for dipping sauce for grilled meat such as Samgyeopsal (Pork belly) with salt and pepper, which reduces gamey taste of pork and lamb.

Cham-gi-ruem is an oil; however, contrary to popular belief that oil is bad for your health, Cham-gi-ruem is a very healthy food. Cham-gi-ruem contains a high beneficial poly-unsaturated fatty acid and Omega-6 that facilitate blood circulation and lower the blood pressure rate.

So today I brought a very simple Korean recipe using Cham-gi-ruem. It will be very helpful for those who live by themselves and do not like to cook, because it is very easy to make and does not take a lot of time to make but will make you full!

First dish that I will introduce is Seasoned Radish with Cham-gi-ruem.


These are the ingredients:
1 spoon of Red Pepper Powder, 1 Spoon of Cham-gi-ruem, 1 Spoon of Sesame and 1 Packet of Seasoned Radish (Sold in E-Mart)

Step 1: Get rid of water inside the packet


Step 2: Cut in half with scissors.


Step 3: Put Sesame oil, and red pepper on the radish and also the sesame as well! then mix all the ingredient with spoon

Okay, you’ve now finished the side dish.

The second recipe is the main dish. The name of the meal is Gan-Jang-Bob. It is a simple version of bibimbob using soy sauce instead of chili paste. 


These are the ingredients:

1.5 spoon of Cham-gi-reum, 1.5 spoon of Soy Sauce, 1 cup of rice, Roasted Sesame, Gim(seasoned seaweed), Egg and 1 spoon of Chili paste

Step 1: Make fried egg, depending on your preference. It can be over-easy or sunny sided, and it doesn’t matter.


Step 2: Put in the Soy sauce and 1.5 spoon of Sesame oil and then put your fried egg on the rice.

Step 3: Cut the Gim into pieces and put some roasted sesame on the rice 


That is the end of the steps! It is very easy! Enjoy your meal :) 


Article by Jeong Mok Lee, a sophomore at Hanyang Business School.

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