Hey guys~~I’m back again with introducing reachable cocktail bars inside Seoul. Did you guys spend your whole week drinking only soju and beer again? EWWW~~Today, I will be introducing cocktail bars in HONGDAE, which is one of the hottest places for enjoying your youth. Let’s jump into hotte hotte hongdae~




Something very funny with this bar is that men pays 5000more than women. (I dont know exactly why, but people say that it is because the managers are all men hahah) You can also take pictures with Mr. Gorilla~

Cocktail starters would love this place since the menu board have specific explanations for every single cocktail. You can see all the images are posted to each beverage. Some special drinks cost you few more money, but I bet you will be satisfied with cocktails included in the unlimited re-fill menus. Couples would definitely love this place! For couples, there are special rooms that you can sit with your shoes off (It is at the second floor). Glowing tables add special mood of the bar.


(Pic. by Melonbread)

According to my experience, I loved the music. The manager selects music that suits well with the bar’s atmosphere. (I loved it since most of the music was pop songs) Also, there is a terrace. Fall would be the best weather to take a seat at the terrace.


Location: Seoul, Mapogu Wawoosanro 17gil 19-22 (It doesn’t show up on naver map if you enter the name of the bar, so you should enter in the full location)


If you bring cash, you can enjoy cocktails with only 15000, Cards 16500!). The bartender who works at the bar is very handsome. His good looking makes you feel happy while drinking~~ (Other serving managers are very handsome too!!)


(Pic. by everclearsky)

Three characteristics:

1. You can bring in food from other restaurants.

2. Special games and events are prepared ex) Win the manager(Dart) -> One free side dish

3. Free board games!

4. Free music~


Location: Seould Mapogu Wawoosanro 19gil 27, seogyodong 363-19                                           Contact Number: 010-8776-5016 / Open~Close: 17:30 – 03:00

Since many of the cocktail bars have similar characteristics, from now on I would like to introduce some of the best cocktails I’ve tried, and got recommendations from people around me. People who don’t know well about cocktails can try these first!

  1. Margarita

Margarita originates from Mexico’s Tequila. Its name means ‘Pearl’ in Latin. It has lemon and lime juice inside which adds its fresh taste. It is very unique since a small amount of salt is on the surface of the glass. The person who made this cocktail gave his lover’s name who passed away in a young age. People say that the salt expresses his sorrowful tears.

  1. Midori Shower

Mixture of melon liquor and distilled liquor adds its sourness and sweetness. For those who love melon, this would be your glass for the day.

  1. Kahlua Milk

It is one of the most popular cocktails for those who hate the bitterness of alcohol. It tastes almost exactly the same as milk coffee, so you have to be careful! It is still alcohol!! You can actually make this at home easily by mixing kahlua and milk in 1:3 ratio. Ice is not necessary but in my preference it is better with it.

4. Tequila Sunrise

As its name, the color of it seems like the rising sun. The color actually describes the sunrise of mexico, the home country of tequila. Orange juice and grenadine syrup adds the description of South America’s hot sun. The first sip might taste like alcohol with little orange juice in it, but as you try more and more, the sweetness and bitterness will engross you.

  1. Cassis Frappe

It is the most recommended cocktails by bartenders. It is also called ‘Cocktail calling kiss’, or ‘Perfume inside the mouth’ since the peach scent lasts long into your mouth. It is good for lovers to share a glass before start drinking other cocktails.

If you have chance to go to one of the unlimited re-fill cocktail bars that I have introduced for two weeks, try these 5 first!





Article by Jeong ho Yeom, a sophomore at Hanyang Business School


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