How to solve your lunch inside Hanyang University Part 1 (by Jonghyuk)

Inside our school, there are some options that students can use to solve their lunch. The first option would be using the school cafeterias. And the second one would be using the restaurants that are on campus. Finally, the last one would be eating things from the convenience store. In this article, I am going to introduce a few university cafeterias that I use myself and some convenience stores. In total, our school has 9~12 cafeterias, and I am going to introduce three of them today.

Most of the cafeterias have a similar price range, which goes between \2000 to \5000. However, just because the price is similar, you shouldn’t think that the taste of the foods will be similar as well. In fact, each cafeteria has a similar yet different price range. The most expensive cafeteria is the cafeteria which is called 생활과학대학 식당 in Korean or Sanggwa-dae in short. This cafeteria is very well known in school. I think that this place is the best place to eat for several reasons. First reason and the best, Sanggwa-dae has an awesome view.


The picture is not the actual view from Sanggwa-dae, but people can see a better view of Seoul in Sanggwa-dae. The second reason is the quality and the amount of food they give. Every time I eat lunch at another cafeteria, I always get hungry about 3 or 4 hours later. But when I eat at Sanggwa-dae, I never get hungry until my next meal.


Other cafeterias have one main dish, but the Sanggwa-dae cafeteria has two main dishes. Two delicious main dishes make both the quality and quantity satisfied.

Another cafeteria I want to introduce is located in the Hanyang Women’s University. Most of the undergraduates will not be familiar with this cafeteria, but I have heard that the cafeteria is better than the one under the business building. So, I have been to the Hanyang Women’s university cafeteria. The biggest problem is that it is hard to find where the cafeteria is. I spent several minutes looking for the entrance of the cafeteria. The food was not bad, but it was really awkward for two guys to go to a Women’s university cafeteria. The majority is, of course, women but you could see some male people who came to the cafeteria as the same reason as us.

종혁3종혁4(pic3) (pic4)

I think that there is not much reason to come to the women’s university cafeteria. But if you prefer a new university cafeteria, I recommend trying it once. Another tip about Hanyang Women’s University cafeteria is that there is a faculty restaurant. This place is a buffet which students can eat as much as they want. I haven’t try the faculty restaurant but I will try to eat this menu next time.

I also want to talk about the most famous convenience store on campus. This convenience store has its own name. The Korean name is 사자가 군것질할 때 in short most of the people say 싸군 (Ssagoon). This name comes from our school’s animal mascot. The name Ssagoon means that the school animal lion wants to eat snacks. The convenience store Ssagoon is also introduced in the pamphlet of advertising our school to high school students. This convenience store is the same as ones outside the campus. Except the amount of packed lunch that sells in 싸군.



This picture was taken in 5 AM when all of the packed lunch were not sold.

So today I talked about a brief introduction of “How to solve your lunch inside Hanyang university”. Please check out my future articles about “How to solve your lunch inside Hanyang university” series.

Article by Jonghuk Lee, a sophomore at Hanyang Business School

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