Riding a Bicycle in Korea: Ttareungyi

Source: Yeonhap News

You might have seen these white and green bicycles around campus, Wang-simni (왕십리) and Seoul (서울). These bicycles are called Ttareungyi (따릉이) and are public bicycles that anyone can use in Seoul. There are rental places all over Seoul, so you can borrow a bicycle anywhere you want and also return it anywhere you would like. You do not have to return the bicycle where you borrowed it. Today I will show you how to borrow the Bicycle (따릉이, Ttareungyi).

There are two ways of borrowing the bicycle. One is by registering you card and the other is by using your smartphone application. But before using the bicycle, you have to log in. You can log in through homepage or application, but I will show you mainly the application way.


Logging In (Signing up)

Main Page (Source: Ttareungyi App)

This is the first page you will see when downloading the app. You must click on 로그인(회원가입) for logging in (Signing up).

Login Screen (Source: Ttareungyi App)

Then this log-in page appears. You can log in here if you have an account. If you don’t have an account, you can click on the blue 회원가입 (Signup) button.

Adult (Source: Ttareungyi App)

Since you will be an adult member, click on the top gray button that says 성인회원가입(Adult member signup)

Terms (Source: Ttareungyi App)

Then you click on the red star to agree to all the terms. Next click the yellow star to agree.

Confirmation (Source: Ttareungyi App)

You then have to confirm yourself by your cell-phone. First click 휴대전화 인증 which means ‘confirm using phone’. Pick your telecom and then go to 휴대폰본인확인(문자). From the top to right is Name(at 홍길동), then on the right is 내국인 외국인 which means (Korean or Foreign). Next is 생년월일(Birthday), and 남/여 boy/girl on the right. On the bottom put in your cell-phone number without the hyphens. Enter the security code and check all the boxes except the last one which is choose able. Now you get your code number. Enter the code number that is sent to you by text message, and you are confirmed.

Signing up (Source: Ttareungyi App)

Next is where you should put your 아이디(ID), 비밀번호(password), 비밀번호 확인(password again), 이메일 주소(e-mail), 휴대전화번호(cell-phone number. The top is the telecom and the bottom are the numbers), 남/여 (Male/Female), 대여비밀번호(the password for your borrowing a bicycle). I only told you the things in green because those are the ‘must needed’ information. Then click the red star(회원가입. Sign up). You are now signed in!


Borrowing by Application

Renting (Source: Ttareungyi App)

After you log-in, you have to buy your one-day ticket for the bicycle. Click on the yellow star, 일일권 구매 which means ‘one-day ticket’. Then the second monitor comes out and you can buy the ticket for 1,000 Won. It is a 60min ticket. After the 60 minutes are up, then the price is 1,000won per 30min. You can choose the method of pay(결제수단) by 휴대전화(cell-phone) or 신용카드(credit card). Check the box below to agree to payment and then click the green box below to buy. After you buy the ticket, you can go to 대여(borrow) which I marked with the red star. Here you can pick where you are borrowing by choosing the place (Blue star. 대여소 선택 대여) or by scanning the QR code at the bicycle stop (Green star. QR코드 대여). After picking the stop and bicycle by number, the bicycle is yours to ride!


Card Registration

https://www.bikeseoul.com/ this is the website address for the bicycle. The website also has an English version. Here you can sign up and log in. After logging in, you can go to the card registration menu under ‘my space’ -> ‘card registration’. If you download the application Ttareungyi (따릉이), it will work the same for you. Log on the application and then go to card registration which is under my space. The website has an English version of the website, but the application does not seem to have any English version.

Card Registration (Source: Ttareungyi App)

Here is a picture of how to get to Card Registration. First you click the three line shaped button (the red star). Then you go to 나의공간(my space) and 회원카드 등록(card registration. It is the second menu). Here you can register your T-Money or any public transportation card.

Ttareungyi (따릉이) is one of Seoul’s great new transportation systems. Today I have tried to explain how to use Ttareungyi as detailed as possible. Why don’t you go for a ride with the Ttareungyi?


Article by Hee-sun from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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