An Afternoon at GRANHAND LAB

I’ve had the opportunity to travel to some awesome places of places: Montreal, Toronto, San Francisco, Manila, Cebu. Like any tourist, I enjoy going to the major attractions and taking in the sights, but, my favourite part about the cities I visit are the cool spots that only the locals know about. These are the […]

Night Markets in Seoul

When traveling to other countries we can see that there are many night markets. These markets become a nice destination to hangout for both tourists and locals. We could eat cheap food, buy some souvenirs, and have a drink with friends. So, I am going to introduce night markets in Seoul and show you the […]

Cinema Paradiso on Campus

One thing I love to do when I’m on a trip is to visit college campuses. It’s always fun to compare and contrast the different styles and atmospheres they have. I love our campus(even if it takes forever to get to business school building)too, but there are many other great schools in Seoul that are […]

Three Most Used Camera Applications by Korean Students

Many of Koreans use camera applications, and many international students who visit Korea are fascinated by the applications they use. For those who are puzzled about what are the differences of the applications, and want to download an application just like a Korean student, here are the three main camera applications used by Korean Students. […]