Things You Can’t Miss at Incheon International Airport

Every December is the month when most of exchange students go back to their hometown after having wonderful time in Korea. Packing all of your stuff into the luggage, they will head over to the Incheon Airport. Incheon Airport is one of the few places where you can go into and out of the country. Depending on the destination country, the flying hour could be over 10 hours or less 2 hours. However, getting on a plane for a while takes and requires your energy. So this article would give you some helpful amenities in Incheon Airport for your convenience.


  1. Performances

Do you know there is small halls for performance in Incheon Airport? Even, there are two types of performance, which are cultural and musical concert. The cultural performance takes place every day for lessening your stress, but there is some specific time when the show plays: 15:30 / 16:30 / 17:30. The place is at the middle of the passenger terminals on the 1st floor. And the other one, musical concert takes place at 11:00 / 12:30 / 15:30 / 16:30 / 17:30 on the tax-free section at the passenger terminal. So feel free to enjoy it!


  1. Ice-Forest Skating

Even though I’m a frequent visitor to the Incheon Airport, I didn’t know that there was an indoor skating ice-rink inside of the airport. Up to 150 persons can enter the ice-rink. And this is installed with specialized plastic, so your clothes or belongings aren’t soaked or wet.

The following is the price range: Adult 5000Won / Teenager 4000Won / Children 3000Won. And it opens 10:00~20:00 at the middle of Traffic Center. During the operating hours, there are a few times of cleaning and break time. If you have any other questions, contact 032-743-7087.


  1. Shower Facilities

Are you tired of long waiting time and do you want to take a shower as soon as possible? There is two types of shower room. The first one is located in the east or west side of passenger terminal on the 4th floor. It is free for transfer passengers, but it costs 1000 won for departing passenger. However, it looks like that the price can be charged more soon. And there is a place for spa or massage. It’s on the basement 1st floor and it isn’t free. Depending on the time when you wants to use, the price is changeable, between 15000~20000won.


  1. Charging Facilities

The one of the good points in Incheon Airport is that you can use free Wi-Fi anywhere. So watching some videos spending the time, your phone is highly likely to be dead within a short time. Furthermore, to say bye to your friends hanging out in Korea, you have to get enough battery. There are some places where you can charge your phone: Boarding Section – 2nd (101, 131 gate) and 3rd floor / Passenger Terminal – 1st (13 general areas, 4 tax-free areas), 2nd (4 tax-free areas), 3rd (29 general areas, 54 tax-free areas), and 4th (2 tax-free areas).


  1. Copy/Print Center

And also, you can use computer for free at the passenger terminal on the 4th floor. At there, you can scan, print, copy some documents in urgent situations by paying a few money. So, you don’t have to worry about not bringing your important paper!

Not mentioned above, but important facilities include a post office, laundry room, photo studio, hospital, and pharmacy. The information center will let you know the exact location or operating hours of those places. So visit these facilities if you are in need and enjoy the best service at the world no.1 Incheon International Airport.


Article by SooJung from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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