Spring 2017 Business School Orientation at HUBS

Last Friday, March 10th, the 2017 Spring Semester Business School Orientation was held at the SKT Hall (7th floor of the Business School) of the Business School building (경영관). The Orientation was organized for the international students in HUBS (Hanyang University Business School; 한양대학교 경영대학) including business majors and non-majors who take lectures in HUBS. The main purpose of the orientation was to introduce the facilities of HUBS and the events that will be held by Glitters this semester. The orientation was organized by the HUBS International Team (Office of International Relations; 국제교류부) and GLITTERS, the global supporters of HUBS. About 70 people participated at this event, and had a great start at their 2017 Spring Semester at HUBS.

The main MC of the day was Ahram Choi (최아람) of the Business School’s Office of International Relations and Professor Baek Seung-Ik (백승익). The orientation started with introducing some of the professors of Hanyang University Business School. The professors were introduced by Professor Baek Seung-Ik, and they each gave a short speech to the students. They told the students to have a great time in Korea and HUBS, experiencing the Korean culture, and getting along with the wonderful students of HUBS. They even said some jokes about who was the youngest, because the order of giving speeches were decided by age. The jokes that made an open and happy atmosphere seemed to prove that all the professors in Hanyang University were young by heart. After the professors’ warm welcome, the main orientation was held by Glitters.

Glitters member Ji-Young Min (민지영) and Hee-Sun Yang (양희선) did a presentation about the overall facilities of HUBS and Hanyang University, also introducing the events Glitters will be holding this semester. Ji-Young started out by briefly reviewing last year’s events of Glitters. Then she introduced the Business school and how to use its facilities such as the lockers, student union, and printer. Next the mic was tossed to Hee-Sun who showed the facilities of Hanyang University such as how to use the library seats, the best cafeterias, and the location of the student gym. Then at part 2 of the orientation, plans for Glitters 2017 Spring Semester was presented. Glitters are planning to have a company visit this April. The company visit by Glitters first started last semester, and was a big success. The international students that participated all said that it was a unique and unforgettable experience. The students who came to the orientation all received a tote bag and some souvenirs. Ildi from Germany said “The orientation was very useful because it showed us information that we didn’t know, and nobody would tell us”.

After the main orientation at the SKT Hall, there was an ice-breaking session at the fifth floor of HUBS. Free sandwiches and drinks were provided. International students and Korean students sat together, exchanging names and getting to know each other. Myself being a glitters member, also had a great time getting to know the many students who are staying at HUBS this spring semester. It wasn’t easy preparing for the orientation, and there were some flaws in not being perfectly organized. However, I hope that the orientation was useful for many students. It was a great experience for me as well to get to know so many new people.

The Spring 2017 Semester Orientation was a day in which international students became to feel more like a HUBS student. Now the cold winter is gone and the warm spring is on the way. Spring is a season of growth. myHUBS hopes that all the students grow a little more at HUBS, becoming a better person than before. However most of all, we hope that every student enjoys their stay in South-Korea.


Article by Hee-Sun from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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