Useful Tips for Taking Express Express and Intercity Buses

When you come to Korea, I think one thing you must do is travelling because there are many beautiful and interesting places in Korea. Thanks to the convenient transportation system, you can easily travel other places in Korea. Maybe you have heard KTX before, but in addition to it, there are many express & intercity buses which can help you get from region to region. Today, I will share the whole information about express & intercity buses in Seoul with you.


First thing you need to know

Totally there are 5 bus terminals in Seoul and each of them takes different role in the transportation system. Different terminal has different operation routes. You need to know which terminal has lines to your destination. Then you should go to the right station so that you can buy tickets there. Simply speaking, Express terminals operation lines are from Seoul to other long-distance cities while intercity bus terminals operation lines are bound for surrounding cities.


Express bus terminals

There are 4 express bus terminals in Seoul, including Seoul (Gyeongbu/Yeongdong Line) Express Bus Terminal (서울(경부/영동)고속버스터미널), Seoul (Honam Line) Express Bus Terminal (Central City) 센트럴시티터미널(호남선), Dong Seoul Jonghap Terminal (동서울종합터미널) and Sangbong Jonghap Terminal (상봉터미널). The last two terminals operate express and intercity buses.

They run on expressways and make stop at a rest area but seldom make a stop-over in a city other than its destination. Different fares apply for ilban (일반, regular or standard) buses and udeung (우등, luxury) buses. Udeung buses offer additional comfort with wider seats. For example, this photo shows different prices about the line from Seoul to Busan. In fact, the price is lower than KTX while spending more time.


I went to Busan by bus too, but I missed the bus so that I needed to change my ticket. You can change your ticket for free if you miss the bus. However, different time offers different seats. In order to go to Busan quickly, I needed to pay 11200KRW more because I took the deluxe express instead.


My ticket to Busan


A view from inside the bus. Each line has 3 seats.


Operation lines

  1. Seoul (Gyeongbu/Yeongdong Line) Express Bus Terminal: Gyeongbu line between Seoul and Busan routes covering (via Busan, Gyeongju, Daejeon, Daegu, Qing Southeast sangdoo, etc.) and the East Ridge and the east coast of Gangwon area
  2. Seoul (Honam Line) Express Bus Terminal (Central City): Routes covering Jeolla line (via Hunan, Kwangju, Chungcheong Jeonju, Lishui, Mokpo) and southern coastal area.
  3. Dong Seoul Jonghap Terminal: lines from Seoul to the eastern Gyeonggi Do, Gangwon
  4. Sangbong Jonghap Terminal: lines from Seoul to the north and east of Korea.


 Interior Landscape 


The ticket office                                                                                                                          Source:


Official website

Seoul’s Express Bus Terminals:

  1. Seoul Express Bus Terminal Website: (Korean only)

Express Bus Online Ticket Reservations & Bus Schedules:

– Kobus:  (Korean, English, Chinese)

– Easy Ticket:  (Korean, English, Chinese)

  1. Dong Seoul Jonghap Terminal only)
  2. Sangbong Bus Terminal Website: only)


Intercity bus terminal

These buses are operating either on ilban (일반, regular) or jikaeng (직행, straight) routes. The difference between the two buses is a number of stop-over made, while the jikaeng bus goes straight to its destination. Non-stop buses like jikhaengs can have different sign written as mujeongcha (무정차, non-stop) on the front of the bus. Typically, sioe buses are all the same, without differentiation in classes, but seats on late-night buses are usually wider, more comfortable, and cost a little more.


Seoul’s Intercity Bus Terminals: Seoul Nambu Terminal (lines to south and west of Korea)
1. Seoul Nambu Terminal Website: (Korean only)
2. Dong Seoul Jonghap Terminal Website: (Korean only)

Intercity Bus Online Ticket Reservations & Bus Schedules:

  1. BusTago: (Korean, English)

Nationwide Intercity Bus Integrated Ticket Reservation

  1. Information: only)
  2. Intercity Bus Integrated Online Ticket Reservation System: only)


You can get all information about buses in its official website, even buying the tickets online. But for foreign people, you’d better buy tickets at bus terminals because we don’t have Korea online payment. The staffs are kind and can speak little English, so you can communicate with them. The terminals have some convenient stores and restaurants. It is popular to travel by bus in Korea, why not try it and save some money.


Article by Jessica from China

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