A Special Friend from Canada

Last summer, I visited Alberta University in Canada through Hanyang University’s (한양대학교) GIC program. At that time I met a buddy who wants to guide me named Maggie. She was Chinese Canadian and she majored Marketing, senior. I was the first time that visited the Canada, so I got lots of helps from her. And […]

Beverage Vending Machines in HUBS

If it is a nuisance for you to drop by the convenience store on the 2nd basement to get some drinks, a vending machine can be effective to get what you want without going down the stairs. Around the campus, you can easily spot out these beverage vending machine selling diverse kinds of drinks. Of […]

Low Birthrate Issue Leads the Country to a Demographic Crisis

For the past decade, South Korea has suffered a severely low rate of childbirth. The country’s total fertility rate, or the average number of babies a woman is expected to have during their lifetimes, was reported to be at 1.24 as in 2015, far below the 2.1 persons needed to sustain the current population. Today’s post will […]

Everything the Wangsimni Station Has to Offer

E-Mart (이마트): E-mart holds the largest amount of space in the Wangsimni Station (왕십리역). It is a large supermarket market that consists of a wide variety of goods. On the first floor you can fine all the fresh produce and refrigerated items. Fresh fruit in Seoul is very expensive in comparison to the US and […]

Gangneung Danoje Festival

Korea’s annual Dano (단오) holiday, falling on May 5th of the lunar calendar each year, is one of the three most celebrated holidays in the nation. While Dano is one of the three major holidays together with the Lunar New Year (설날) and Chuseok (추석), its customs have been largely forgotten. However, the traditions and customs of […]

Korean Handicrafts

If you walk through Insadong, one of Seoul’s historic areas, you’ll notice all of the beautiful handicrafts for display and for sale. This is of no surprise of course. Seoul has a long history of wonderful craftsmanship that many people, both Korean and foreign celebrate. Not only will you see traditional arts and crafts, but […]

Purchasing Necessities for Your Life on Exchange

As the semester is wrapping up, I want to give some advice to incoming exchange students on what to bring to Korea and how to get your hands on some of the necessary items you won’t probably pack with you.   Medication One of the things that appears most on these types of lists of […]