Everything the Wangsimni Station Has to Offer

E-Mart (이마트):

E-mart holds the largest amount of space in the Wangsimni Station (왕십리역). It is a large supermarket market that consists of a wide variety of goods. On the first floor you can fine all the fresh produce and refrigerated items. Fresh fruit in Seoul is very expensive in comparison to the US and European countries. Alcoholic beverages, packaged snacks, condiments, home paper products, beauty, bathroom, and clothing products are also located on the first floor. On the second floor of E-mart is where you find the home appliances such as bedding, kitchen utensils, and electronics. The check out center is located back on the first floor right in front of the entrance/exit. Once outside the exit, you are able to access an assortment of dessert, coffee, and snack shops.


IMAX Theater:

The cinema theater that is located on the 3rd floor of the Wangsimni Station is a large entertainment area. The cinema has an assortment of theaters in order for them to play multiple movies at one time. The larger theaters are used for movies that are new or premiering and the smaller theaters are used for movies that are on their way out of the theater. Something that sets this cinema apart from the average cinema in the US, is that it has an IMAX theater, which not only shows 3D movies, but also shows 4D movies and holds the largest IMAX screen in South Korea. The 4D movie experience is something that could be described as a simulation attraction in an amusement park. I saw Spiderman vs Batman at this theater and was surprised when my seat was rocking around the whole movie. There were also features such as wind and water shot at you from the seats ahead, and pressure from behind the seat cushion when any action is taking place in the movie.


Source: Trazy.com

One major difference I noted between the cinema in Wangsimni and the cinemas that I am used to attending back home is the assortment of concession foods that are sold. This is a difference that I have noted as a cultural difference as well. In Korea, a lot of their packaged snacks, such as potato chips or crackers, tend to be sweet, while most in the US are very salty. It is very common to see Koreans eating these sweet chips rather than chocolates and sugar candies. At the theater, this is perfectly depicted because the only snack options they have are salted popcorn (which isn’t very salty,) sweet popcorn, nachos, and dried octopus. Eating snacks that taste of fish is also very common.


Enter-6 (엔터식스)

This is an underground shopping center located on the BF1 floor of the Wangsimni Station. Some of the stores you are able to fine are Nike, Nature Republic, GNC, an Apple Shop, Starbucks, Imagine Sketch, and many more. In addition, there is a nail salon located downstairs that offers gel manicures and pedicures for 50,000 Won.


Source: visitseoul.net


Juno’s Hair

Juno’s is a large hair salon located on the 3rd floor of the Wangsimni Station. There are many stations for hairdressers to work on your hair and there is a low price of just 20,000 Won for a trim. I had a great experience with this salon because they make you feel very comfortable by placing your belongings in a locker when you arrive and giving every client a deep head massage while they are giving the shampoo.


Source: Korea.net


Golf Range

The Wangsimni Station even has a golf range. This has become a very popular attraction for many of the guys to utilize on the weekends. It is located downstairs and is about 20,000 Won per session.


Article by Rachel from the U.S.A.

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