An Adventure to Costco Wholesale (Part 2)

Following last week’s post, this post is going to be about the rest of my Costco Wholesale experience. As I went downstairs, I could see a huge stacks of…. FOOD.

1 escalator 2 chicken

Item #4 Baked Chicken: It is not difficult to find chicken restaurants in South Korea. However, if you are looking for baked chicken, especially a big one, Costco’s baked chicken will suit your want. I have seen chicken cooked in such a way at Costco in the U.S. before, and I do not see much difference with that in the U.S.

3 octopus salad

Costco has a lot of seafood, and many are packed for ready-to-eat. This is octopus salad.

4 sushi roll 5 sushi roll

Item #2 Sushi rolls: Costco has a variety of sushi roll boxes with salmon, tuna, shrimp, etc. One package is enough for two to four persons. Prices range from 15,000 won to 30,000 won and I think it is a reasonable price. I saw some customers buying sushi roll box here and eating at the food court.

6 bulgogi 7 beef

Item #5 Bulgogi Box: When I told one of my international friends that I was going to Costco for a blog article, she asked, “do they sell a bunch of packages of bulgogi?”. Yes, Costco sells seasoned beef and pork. Costco also sells Scottish beef for barbeque.

8 beef bone

In Korea, there is a traditional bone soup made by boiling beef bone. Costco sells beef bones in wrapped packages as well.

9 watermelons

People are trying to pick the best watermelons.

10 tasting
There are several stalls for food tasting.

11 cookies 12 doughnuts 13 cheesecake

Costco Bakery’s cookies and doughnuts are a good choice for if you have sweet teeth. Also, it has several kinds of cakes. Optional decorations such as birthday words icing are available.

14 ramyon 15 porridge 16 instnat rice

Item #6 Instant food: South Korea is heaven of instant food. If your place does not have a proper kitchen, or you are just a lover of Ramyon(instant noodles), Costco has them in box. Also, Costco sells instant rice porridge and soup which you just pour boiled water or microwave for a few minutes. They are good when you do not have enough time for cooking, or are sick in bed. You can plan to buy together with friends and divide them up later.

After walking around the entire store, my friend and I got so hungry. It was a torture only to take pictures of things we couldn’t eat. So, we headed to the food court right after.

17 food menu

At the food area, it was selling hot dog, chicken bake, pizza, and other snacks. I bought a hotdog set, a chicken bake and a BBQ beef brisket burger.

18 ready

Even though the lines were long, ordering didn’t take much time. Food were prepared in a wrap on a plate.

19 hotdog

First, hotdogs. There is a stall where you can get chopped onions and mustard. Put pickled cucumber, onions and ketchup on the sausage. One hotdog is enough to make your stomach full.

20 chicken bake

Inside the chicken bake are bacon, chicken and potatoes. It can be a little bit greasy for those who do not like cheese. You can either cut it into a bite size or just eat it like a baguette.

21 beef brisket burger 22 beef brisket burger2

Beef brisket burger has a minced beef brisket with barbeque sauce and coleslaw inside. The barbeque sauce went very well with beef, but the bun was a little bit disappointing. It was actually my friend’s favorite.

My journey to Costco ended after filling in my stomach. I have visited Costco several times before, but I did not know that Costco offers products in this much wide scale. Through the experience, I could discover items selling in cheaper price than other grocery stores and unique products imported from foreign countries. Costco will be a good shopping place especially for students who live in a dormitory or do not have enough time for grocery shopping during weekdays. Hope you liked this post and think it was helpful.


Article by Sangeun from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration


  1. I didn’t know they have Costco in Korea :o The chicken bake looks so yummy! Costco food is so good for its price~

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