A TRIP TO Shanghai

This week, I traveled for a 4-day stay in Shanghai, China. I stayed in an apartment located right next to Yuyuan Garden, which is very close to the central area of the city. We went on many tourist excursions and enjoyed the nightlife with some of our friends from Mexico that are currently doing their study exchange in Shanghai. One thing that I immediately noticed is the poor air quality. The backdrop of most of my photographs is a thick fog of pollution and there were many buildings that I wasn’t even able to see the top of because they were engulfed into a thick haze. Additionally, it is the rainy season of China, so it was pouring rain for 48-hour periods at a time, the whole time we were there. Something I especially appreciated about Shanghai was the amount of history you could see on the streets. Instead of many buildings that all looked the same, there was a great mix of impressive architectural sky scrappers but also a good amount of historical buildings that made me feel that I was surrounded by history.


Nanjing East Road

This is a 3.4km shopping street in central shanghai. It was filled with many stores I am familiar with such as, forever 21, H&M, and American apparel. However, there are many, smaller local shops that I highly recommend for people to visit if you feel that you will fit into the small apparel sizes that the Chinese are used to. Also, the presentation of luxury brand shops is done excessively more than I am used to in South Korea. There will be large buildings with flashing lights to introduce Chanel, Gucci, or Luis Vinton stores.


Source: china.org

YuYuan Gardens

I was lucky enough to stay in an apartment that was located right outside the Yuyuan Gardens which made exploring and traveling via metro, very simple. Located right beside the gardens is the Yuyuan Tourist Market. This market is very small, but it is always flooding with tourists constantly. What I like most about the gardens and this market is that they are built within old traditional buildings. There are many places to try their most popular street foods, such as dumplings, and also many places to purchase or sit and have tea.


Source: jbc-travel.com

The Bund

The view from the bund was, by far my favorite scenery in China. It is located right along the river, which provides for very good conversation and sightseeing. In my opinion, the best time to see this view is at night because all the building lights glow up beautifully and reflects along the water. Additionally, all the boats that are traveling along the river at night are fully lit with lights that glow against the water. It is a great place to get the perfect, “I visited Shanghai” instagram photo.


The French Concession

The French Concession, also known as “the Paris of the east,” is the area of Shanghai that used to be dedicated to the French. It consists of two districts, Luwan and Xuhui. Here you will find many tourists exploring wonderful shopping and dining options. Also, the streets are lined with trees, beautiful old buildings, and most famously for the mansions. The shops that are located along the streets with outdoor exit tend to be locally owned boutiques, but there is also a large shopping mall located across the street that has all of the brands I am used to seeing in malls in Florida. Even if you prefer not to be shopping, the districts are beautiful places to visit and window shop from afar.


Article by Rachel from the U.S.A.

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