Glitters’ Week During the Spring Festivals

HYU Glitters

We, Glitters, finally have thrown up our second event during this year’s school festival. The Hanyang University festival lasted over 3 days, beginning on May 24th and ending on May 27th. We decided to hold this event for 2 days, which were Wednesday and Thursday. It’s because we think that those are the most populated days of the week in the business school for exchange students. Actually, as we stayed right outside of the building for both days, we acknowledged that there are few students going to take class on Thursday, unlike our expectation. It means that the number of foreign students coming to school on Wednesday was more than twice as many as on Thursday. That is, we could attract many of them on Wednesday.

Our main activity is divided into two sections, “Play” and “Eat”. Play section is comprised with three Korean traditional play, jegichagi (제기차기), tuho (투호), and one-leg chicken fight (닭싸움). With all things considered, these three things were selected as the way to experience unique and special Korean games for them.

First of all, jegichagi literally means that kicking a jegi with your feet as much as you can. Jegi is a small and light object made up with a coin wrapped up in glittering paper. So the way to play this game is to hit this stuff with your Achilles tendon by twisting your ankle. The posture can be various depending on your own skill.


Second, the most enjoyable play for foreign students is tuho, I guess. I have seen some of them sticking into this game until they succeeded. Tuho is a game where people throw sticks into a canister. Of course, the distance between players and a canister is far enough not to win easily. That’s why they fall into this tough, but interesting game. Although we had 6 sticks in total, we’ve never seen anyone including Koreans who have thrown all of them right inside the container at a time. That’s not easy at all even for Koreans!

Finally, one-leg chicken fight! Because its appearance of playing this match looks like the chicken itself, the name is named after it. To play this game, there should be at least 2 persons to enjoy with. It is famous for people of all ages due to simple rules and regulations. The entire rule of it is only defeating and attacking others with your one leg grasped by your hand. It requires so much energy and power to stand with only one leg during a match. Before starting, it is necessary to warm up your body not to lose the competition.


For the “Eat” section, we have prepared two food, Dal-Go-Na and red vinegar Ade. Dal-Go-Na is made of with 99 percent of sugar and 1 percent of baking soda. That is, it is referred as sugar snack that can make our teeth rotten. Most of Koreans have childhood memory of eating Dal-Go-Na in front of the elementary school. The taste of it at that time was enormous and was so sweet that we used to rush to the entrance of school with friends to feel that flavor. So we wanted to introduce this stuff by making it by ourselves or themselves. Even though it was not easy to make it delicious on the first day, we finally became experts of Dal-Go-Nam on the following day, learning after a lot of failures.


As for red vinegar Ade, it tastes sour, but it gives the feeling of getting health. In fact, some researchers found that red vinegar is really good for health and skin. We served and added the red vinegar to sparkling water with small pieces of ice in a plastic cup. (Look at the cup that two students are holding!)


Besides, we gave students the opportunity of wearing Hanbok (Traditional Korean clothes) and taking a picture with a Polaroid camera. You can flash back the memories in Korea by gazing the picture.

You could participate all of these activities for free or little money, because our main purpose is to let exchanges students experience Korea culture, not to gain money. I am already looking forward to next Glitters’ festival! Feel free to come to our booth next year!


Article by SooJung from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration


  1. Jessica says:

    That’s so fantastic!I’m coming to hanyang next semester.Can i ask some exchange problems?

  2. Sorry for the late reply Jessica! It’d be best if you contact the office handling the program.

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