Haneul Park at the Seoul World Cup Park

< Use Information for Haneul Park>

Seoul World Cup Park (서울월드컵공원) has four different parks – Pyeonghwa (평화), Haneul (하늘), Noeul (노을), and Nanjicheon (난지천) Parks. Among them, I will introduce Haneul Park that is located nearest to the sky. Haneul Park is a grassland park but it is big surprise once you get to know that it was originally a wasteland before. So this park is the most barren soil in the Seoul World Cup Park. So this park is the place that can show how the nature was started.

Haneul Park is open year-round so you can visit any day you want. But the park allow walking and riding bike only for 5a.m. – 10p.m. and entering and leaving vehicle is only allowed just at 6a.m.~10p.m. For protecting facilities and protection of visitors, after 10p.m. access to park is banned.


Source: Olympic Park


<World Cup Stadium is Spectacular>

While you go to the Haneul Park, you can see the World Cup Stadium. It was the place that the whole nation came together for the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup and ‘World Soccer’ selected it as one of the 10 most beautiful soccer stadiums in the world.

Also, there are many convenience facilities called ‘World Cup Mall’. It has a big-box retailer, movie theater (CGV), sports center, wedding hall, and food court so you can use it before you visit the Haneul Park. And football (soccer) games take place every week or so. If you like football, go to the World Cup Stadium and watch the game. It will be good choice.

< How can we get there? >

You can go Seoul World Cup Park using subway, bus, and car. The best way to arrive there is taking the subway. Get off the World Cup Stadium Station (월드컵경기장역), find Exit 1, and go straight ahead when you get out the main street, where you can see Haneul Park with a wind power generator across the street at a crosswalk (this area is Pyeonghwa park, from here). Cross the pedestrian overpass between Pyeonghwa and Haneul Park. When you arrive, you will use Haneul station and a road. If you love walking, you can arrive climb up to the top of the park which takes about 30 minutes.


< Beautiful Scenery in the Park>

When you stand at the place known as the top of Nanjido, you can see the beautiful scenery that spread out before your eyes. To the North there is Bukhansan Mountain (북한산), to the east there are Namsan Mountain (남산) and 63 building (63빌딩), to the south there is the Hangang River (한강), and finally to the west there is Haengjusanseong Fortress (행주산성). Also you can use many convenient facilities such as sports facilities, pavilions that you can seat on and have a rest on the observatory that is made on the inclined sides to see the scenery.

In spring and early summer, there are many beautiful butterflies and bees in the park, they are very helpful for plant ecosystem to set at ease. Also flame grass festival takes place in October every year. During the festival Haneul Park is opened until at night. It is the typical festival in Seoul because regardless of age everyone can participate and enjoy in the ecofriendly space. So if you like fresh air or beautiful scenery and you want to have to spare, I recommend going to Haneul Park!


Article by YeongWoo, a Sophomore in Business Administration

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