The Life of a Korean University Student: Planning One’s Career

Being a Freshman as a university student is the period of adaptation in a new environment. They most likely join a club after entrance. The club is classified according to student’s preference. I recommend if you want to become intimate with friends from your major, you’d better go with a club associated with your major! But, if you want to meet friends with various majors, you’d better go straight to a club that does so. Also, the business school is divided into five classes. In the beginning of the school term, they have a school track meeting and take off for membership training for each class, so they can increase cohesion with their classmate.


Club Activities (Source: Hanyang University Football Club Blog)

When the students are freshman, major subjects are not given. So they usually take coursed related to liberal arts. This is the opportunity to get information about various subjects. A김창교수님nd business school’s required subject, Career Design, as appears by name, helps students to think about themselves and design their future after graduation. One of the unique characteristics of this class is that alumni from different fields and working in various industries visits and give lectures throughout the course. After the visiting, they write reports about their feelings that they realized and the job’s features. Through this process, they can investigate the industries and jobs that they are really interested in.

In my case, I couldn’t decide on my job and I didn’t know what to do in the future. I was always agonizing ‘What is the best job for me, and how can I find it?’ Nevertheless I couldn’t find my dream job even until today. But when I took the Career Design course, I realized that if I wanted to design my career, I have to talk loud about what I think and understand the world of career first.

As a sophomore, people begin in earnest to study their major. When they were freshmen, they compose their career through the class, Career Design, they can choose their major subject based on it. Also, some students want to experience in wide area, they participate in activities such as supporters in their interested company or as reporters. As stated, being a sophomore is the period to experience many things and try to realize best job for them.

글로벌 프로젝트_한양대경영대

(Source: HUBS)


(Source: Hanyang University Office of International Affairs)

When they enter their junior class, they take the required class named, Career Development. It is the extension of Career Design. It can induce students to take out their thinking and help to find their career that they really want to be. It is similar with Career Design, but it is more realistic process for students. According to this class, the students can find their job, and they can participate in internship programs. Also, they acquire scores regarding English proficiency tests or go abroad as exchange student. According to these activities they can distinguish their interested job. So when they become a senior, they apply to the company where they have considered and experienced over the years.


This is a typical Korean student’s course of life as a university student. So, if foreign students who come to Korea for their studies they most likely will hesitate to listen to the courses listed above. In turn, I recommend them to listen related classes when they go back to their country!


Article by YeongWoo from Korea, a sophomore in Business Administration


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