Running in Seoul

Inevitably, one of the first things I did after arriving in Seoul was locate the best trail for me to enjoy my morning runs. Luckily, in this city, that is an enormously easy task. I was staying in a guesthouse in Hongdae (홍대), which is a very young, popular, and trendy district, so I thought […]

The Quest for English Literature in Seoul

There’s still something magical about bookstores. Perhaps it’s the distinct smell that old tomes have after years of service. Maybe it’s the massive walls of books that reminds us of all the knowledge there is in our world. For me, it’s the thrill of flipping through piles of books to find one that resonates with […]

The All Powerful T-Money Card

One of the most important things when arriving in a new place is learning about how you get to one place or another. All over the world there are so many ways to get around whether it is by foot, in a car, or in a rickshaw. In Seoul, the preferred method of transportation is […]