Ethnic Food Exploration (Part 1)

Perhaps one of the largest adjustments to life in a new country is a drastic change in diet. When planning and anticipating your exchange you may not give consideration to food, but it is a fact that it is a difference in your standard life that you encounter again and again, multiple times a day. If you arrive only to realize that you cannot stand Korean spices and kimchi, life may be slightly more difficult than anticipated. Even if (like me) you love Korean food in all its forms, you may hunger for a taste of home or just a little more diversity in your diet from time to time. Don’t worry! Seoul has many options for ethnic and diverse eateries and exploring them will only add to your appreciation for everything Seoul has to offer. Though my no means an extensive list, following is a few of my favorite spots for a gastro-vacation to another part of the world, if only for the duration of a meal.


1. Coreanos Kitchen

For my North American neighbours to the south in Mexico and the States, this is an ideal spot to get a taste of the American/Mexican fusion food that is so prevalent in the southern states. Coreanos offers menu items ranging from more traditional Mexican tastes to the blends of TexMex cuisine, and including options incorporating Korean influences on familiar flavours. Originating from Austin, Texas as a food truck widely recognized as having superb food, this is an excellent restaurant for North American tastes with a Korean twist. Coreanos Kitchen can be found in Apujeong Rodeo (a short ride from Wangsimni station) and Itaewon. My personal favorites are the OG Buritto and the Three Wise Fries pictured below.


20151009_184625 20151016_133758


2. Everest

As an Indo-Canadian raised on traditional Indian food, being away from my mother’s kitchen has been a struggle. My pain was greatly eased by occasional trips to Everest in Dongdaemun for a taste of home. Owned and operated by a family from Nepal, a country located between India and Tibet, Everest offers a large menu with a diverse blend of foods from all three countries. I strongly recommend bringing a group of friends so that you are able to order a wide array of items and share them to ensure you experience the full spectrum of Everest’s offerings.

20151013_210955 20151013_205553 1


3. Buddha’s Belly

For an upscale environment and restaurant without the upscale price, I strongly recommend Buddha’s Belly in Itaewon for a Thai food excursion. Perhaps the best Thai food I’ve had in any part of the world I’ve been in (disclaimer: I have not been to Thailand!). Buddha’s Belly has an extensive menu with many options but if you are unfamiliar with Thai cuisine, or simply want a sampling of multiple different dishes, I recommend taking along 3 of your closest foodie friends in order to take advantage of their set menu intended for 4 diners. My personal favorites from this set are the spicy papaya salad, pad Thai, and green curry pictured below.

20151017_202940 20151017_204622 20151017_204751


Article by Kavi from Canada

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