Visit Ilsan and Enjoy!

Have you ever been to Ilsan which is located in Gyeonggi Province? Maybe some of you have heard Ilsan as a place where MBC(Korean TV station) is located in. However, there are lots of places to visit in there except MBC. So, I would like to introduce myHUBS’s readers to two places in Ilsan. Take a subway and get off at Juyeop station (주엽역) on line number 3!


1. Hanwha Aqua Planet

Hanwha Aqua Planet is the biggest aquarium in the capital region. It was opened on April, 2014. This place is a ‘Convergence Aquarium’, because it runs an aquarium and an indoor zoo together. The hours are 10 a.m. till 7 p.m., every day. Ticket price is 29,000 won for adults. You can get a 20% discount if you buy a ticket in online. For further information, visit its homepage at

Aqua Planet is divided into three sections(The Aqua/ The Jungle/ The Sky Farm). Jellyfish, Jaws, Ring-tailed Lemur, Jaguars from South Africa and lots of animals are waiting for you. You can touch sheep, goats and even otters and also feed them. There are many programs you can participate and see, so check when the program you want to see begins. I saw stingrays eating fishes, a parrot flying and sea elephants doing sit-ups. A big parrot flied toward me and sat on my wrist. I have never seen the parrot in front of my very eyes. It was a unique experience. Especially, it was so awkward to see sea elephants doing exercise. One sea elephant’s name is Mary and weighs about 400 kilograms. I couldn’t think that she can do sit-ups, but she did! I’m sure you like these performances. Also, there are funny photo zones for tourists to take pictures. If you like watching animals, Aqua Planet is the place for you.

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2. Lake Park in Goyang City

Lake Park (일산호수공원) is the biggest artificial lake in Korea. This place is famous for holding various fairs and festivals every year. Especially, it is well known for Goyang flower exhibition. Lake Park has 4.7 kilometers of bike roads and 8.3 kilometers of walks. Lots of people take for a walk, go on a picnic with friends, do exercise and take a rest in here. If you take a turn around the park, it will take about 2 hours. So if you want to ride a bike, there is a place where you can rent it. You can find there easily in front of Juyeop Station, so don’t worry.

Since Lake Park is famous for its festivals, I would like to let you know that there are festivals held in this month. Five festivals are scheduled to be held in Lake Park for 9days from September 27 to October 5. 70 organizations participate in Goyang Lake Art Festival. Artists from various genres are going to perform in the streets during that period. 1,000 citizens are going to parade through the streets to celebrate the victory of the Siege of Haengju. On October 2, Goyang Autumn Flower Festival and Global Merchandise Competition are held. Also, Korea Makgeolli Festival takes place from October 4 to October 5. So you can taste about 120 kinds of alcohol across the nation.

1151998_image2_1 1152215_image2_1 호수공원 호수공원2 호수공원사진

Sources: Korea Tourism Organization


Article by Hyunyoung from Korea

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