Hanyang Women’s University Fall Festival

Talk about a great catch on campus. No train trip required and a plethora of fun for two nights in a roll. Right here, on campus, and it trumps any block party you could imagine. It‘s probably one the best festivals on a college campus I’ve ever experienced, and my home university hosts a lot of good ones. This year, Hanyang Women Fall festival was held on September 17th and 18th right at the heart of the women university. You could have chosen to come either on Thursday the 17th or Friday the 18th. But if you are like me, who had a blast on the first day, you probably would have shown up on both days. I found myself there more than I expected. However, much of the crowd—insanity came on Thursday.

Talk about mouthwatering food and awesome music. The arena was not short of screaming gals and wooing fellas. In fact, I could hear their screams all the way in my dorm.

Photo Sep 18, 9 33 30 PM

There was a huge stage set up on the women’s soccer field and to the left of the stage were little red tents swarmed with a crowd of people satisfying their thirst, hunger and curiosity. The young women from the women’s university were adorable merchants. They were a bunch of energetic ladies selling food, drinks, and arts and crafts. Some of the young ladies wore very elaborate in costumes. And some had little restaurants in their tents with table and chairs and people sat on them indulging in meals like, Korean barbeques, Dakkochi (Korean Skewered Chicken), rice cake, candy, and so much more. I couldn’t resist myself so I treated myself to a Dakkochi.

Photo Sep 18, 9 57 43 PM

There was about a bazillion performances on both days—like one right after another. The coolest part of the performances was that they were so diverse. There was so many genres of music performed; likewise they were performed in both Korean and English. Beginning with K-pop to Korean RnB, hip-hop, rap, and eventually closing with electronic dance music (EDM). The atmosphere was filled with so much festivity.

The occasion ended at 10 pm on Friday. However, Friday night ended with a bang, and I mean a bang. The closing DJ rocked that stage. On Friday, my study group and I thought we’d go out for a 30 minutes study break (And yes studying on a Friday night is normal), we ended up staying until the end of the festival. There were strobe lights and things got a little hot because there was fire, which was part of the show of course. The whole experience was fun.

So if you are in Korea in the fall, look out for the Hanyang Women University Festival. You don’t want to miss it.


Article by Esther from the U.S.A.


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