Gyeongpo Beach in Gangneung


Gyeongpo beach (경포대) is off the eastern coast of South Korea along the East Sea (otherwise known as the Sea of Japan). It is about 3 hours from Seoul by bus. If you are looking to get out of the city for the day, Gyeongpo is the place! It is possible to stay overnight, but one day is more than enough to enjoy the sun and sand.

Getting to Gyeongpo:

Go to Dong Seoul Bus terminal (동서울시외버스터미널) and take a bus to Gangneung (강릉: the city Gyeongpo beach is in). Buses leave every 30-50 minutes beginning at 6:30 am so if you leave on one of the first buses you can be at the beach before noon!

Take subway line 2 to the stop Gangbyeon (강변역) exit 4 (about 15 minutes from Hanyang station). The bus station is just across the main road outside the subway station. If you follow the crowd you will see it easily. Once you arrive at the subway station, look at the ticket listings on the wall and buy a ticket for Gangneung (about 16,000 Won). If you are unsure about what ticket, just ask the teller and tell them Gyeongpo at Gangneung, they were very helpful when we asked. Next, head to your platform and board your bus. Once you arrive at Gangneung bus station 3 hours later, walk outside to the main road and grab a taxi to Gyeongpo Beach, it takes about 10 minutes for under 7,000 Won. Below is the fantastic view that you will experience once you arive!


What is there to do in Gyeongpo?

Just sit back and relax! Gyeongpo beach has beautiful sand and the water is clear and bright blue. There are convenience stores all along the beach so it is easy to pick up snacks and beverages once you arrive (picking up a beer or two would be pleasing while you sit and relax on the beach, as I did!) The main offering for lunch at Gyeongpo is pretty much obviously seafood. Fresh seafood restaurants line the street from beginning to end (with a few typical cafes scattered in). If you are looking for food other than seafood, the best place to eat would be Gangneung before heading to the beach. There is also a building on the beach with restrooms free of any charge.


Other activities to do nearby:

There is a small lake right next to Gyeongpo that offers bike rentals and the carriage style bikes for rent to ride around the lake. In addition, the road along the beach has horse-drawn carriages to ride in for a fee (price unknown).

So don’t forget your towels, sunblock, or snacks and enjoy your day at the beach! :D


Article by Tara from the USA

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