[End of Term] Fall 2014 myHUBS Reporters

We’d like to announce that the reporters of the Fall 2014 myHUBS team have finished their term for the blog.  The team contributed to 67 articles in total for one semester, expressing tips and their experiences during their stay in Korea, which will definitely be helpful for future exchange students to HUBS.

Thank you for your efforts! You guys will always be remembered for your enthusiasm and sacrifices. We’ll be missing you guys, really.

Mirela and Jani from Bulgaria, hope to see you guys later in Europe.

Sharon and Read from Canada, Canada is definitely going to be much colder.

Wonmi, Yoon, and Wonji will be joining the Spring 2015 team next semester!

Hope you guys lead a wonderful life and hopefully may all your dreams come true.


KakaoTalk_20141223_135305976 KakaoTalk_20141223_135306364

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