Korean Cosmetic Shops

Korean cosmetic products are affordable and easily accessible. Some popular Korean cosmetic stores include Etude House, Innisfree, Too Cool for School, Missha and etc. Each brand offers their own exclusive set of moisturizing and whitening products, lipsticks, eyeliner, facemasks, and more. Most, if not all Korean brands have their own theme and marketing strategy – for example, Etude House with a pink fairytale theme and Too Cool for School incorporates school and stationary designs in all their products.



Etude House




Once you enter a Korean cosmetic store, don’t be surprised to find an employee standing beside or behind you, carefully watching over your shoulder. It’s common in Korea for sale reps to follow their customers around the store, as they are trained to address any questions or concerns you may have. Note that most of the employees hired at cosmetic brands around the tourist areas are not native Koreans, but foreign employees who can speak two or more languages (especially Japanese and Chinese).



Too Cool for School


Hot Items

BB/CC Creams are extremely popular in Korea. The target market ranges from young students to older women. Blemish balm (BB) creams usually contain high SPF and does a miraculous job of evening out your skin tone. The bbcreams usually come in one tone. (but it should match your skin colour once it oxides in approx. 30 min).


What I love about Korean cosmetic products

1. The free samples!

Every time you purchase something in a store, the employee will add small bags of toner, cream samples or a facemask to your bag.


2. The packaging!

Regardless of how small an item is, they will always come in nicely designed packaging.


3. The price!

The prices are usually very reasonable. It could be due to the competitive nature of the industry, but you can easily find a great lipstick for 5,000 won or a tube of bb cream for 10,000 – 15,000.


You can find most of the popular Korean cosmetic stores inside the Wangsimni mall (basement, 2nd floor, and inside emart). Aritaum, LOHBs and Olive Young also carry many other Korean brands that don’t have their own stores set up.


Article by Sharon from Canada

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