Feel the Rhythm of Korea

Minjun Son

Captured from Korean Tourism Organization Youtube Channel

Innovativeness was recognized overseas for the popularity of the Korean tourism promotional video created by the Korea Tourism Organization based on the song of the fusion traditional music group ‘Inalchi’ Band'(이날치 밴드).

The Tourism Organization announced on the 2nd that it has recently received the ‘Tourism Innovation Awards 2020’ in the digital campaign category at the Tourism Innovation Summit held in Seville, Spain.

The Korea Tourism Organization was selected as the best case of viral marketing that drew users’ voluntary participation through an unconventional approach. Thanks to the publicity video ‘Feel the Rhythm of Korea’, produced by the Korean Tourism Organization, which gained great popularity around the world. In particular, the promotional video that ‘Ambiguous Dance Company’ choreographed on the sound source of ‘Inalchi Band’ has recently exceeded 300 million views on global platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and Baidu and mainly on YouTube.

In this video, 3 episodes of Seoul, Busan, and Jeonju were first released at the end of July, and additional episodes of Andong, Gangneung, and Mokpo in October. It is a concept in which members of ‘Ambiguous Dance Company’ move around major tourist spots in each region and repeatedly perform eye-catching dances to the background music of ‘Inalchi Band’. It is attracting attention both at home and abroad because it is a success case of new Korean Wave content with ‘pansori’ motif.

Captured from Korea Tourism Organization Youtube Channel

The total production cost of the three videos is about 200 million won, and it is known that it did not cost half of the cost of making one promotional video featuring existing Korean stars.

Yoo-Hyun Jang, head of the International Cooperation Team of Tourism Organization, said, “Feel the Rhythm of Korea was highly praised not only for its unconventionality, but also for allowing people to feel closer to Korean culture in situations where travel is restricted due to coronavirus. We expect to lead to demand for visits to Korea in the post corona era.”

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