Do You Know the Symbol of Hanyang?

Lee Sooyeon

Most of the universities in Korea have their own symbols, either an animal or a tree. Hanyang also has its own symbols, but it is true that not many people know all of them or know them correctly. Now let’s take a look at the symbols of Hanyang.

1. Symbol Logo

This logo is one of the most well-known and commonly used as a symbol of Hanyang. The figure looks like a roaring lion, but it also has a hidden meaning. The figure also looks like the word ‘한양’, which means ‘Han-Yang’ in Korean characters Hangeul. You can also find this symbol hanging on the main building in the campus.

2. Animal Lion

The symbol of Hanyang University, as most of you all know, is the lion. Lion is also known as the king of animals, which is also an animal of dignity. Hanyang lion symbolize the courage of students and the message for them to always be brave in learning.

3. Flower: Forsthia

The flower of Hanyang is Forsythia. Forsythia is a flower that survives linked together, helping each other. It has a strong survival power, and also is a symbol of modesty and service spirit. This gives student a message to be always act in a modest way, yet to be strong.

4. Colors: Blue and Gray

The main colors of Hanyang is Blue and Gray. The color also known as ‘Hanyang Blue’ is easily found and used everywhere. You can find students wearing baseball jackets or T-shirts in this blue. The symbol colors are used in the school information brochure, the official website and more.

5. Characters: Hy-Lion and Hy-Nari

These are the most popular two friends who all the Hanyang students love. The Hy-lion is a combination word of HY(Han-Yang) and Lion, and Hy-nari is one made of HY and Gae-Na-Ri “개나리”(Forsythia). These two characters are designed by Kim Min-young, Lee Su-kyong and Han Sang-yeon from the design center. They tried to make the characters simple and easy to show their move and feelings. They designed the Hy-lion and Hy-nari as a friendly student in Hanyang, someone we can be friends in the campus. The characters were a big hit, so the designers are keep working on new products.

★ Photo Credit: Hanyang University Official Website & Channel H

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