Enjoy the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in 2021

Yugyeong Jeong

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, which were scheduled to be held in the summer of 2020 but postponed by one year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will be held from July 23 to August 8, 2021. It is the second Olympics to be held in Tokyo after 1964. At the Olympics, medals will be awarded in 33 sports, 46 sports and 339 specific disciplines.

Stadiums in Tokyo 2020

Tokyo’s new Olympic Stadium will be the center of the 2021 Olympic Games and will host opening and closing ceremonies, track and field events and soccer matches. The Tokyo Gymnasium (table tennis), the National Yoyogi Stadium (handball), the Nippon Budokan (judo and karate), and four Masa Parks are also used, which were used during the 1964 Olympics. Although Tokyo will serve as a hub for the Olympic Games, there are also many events held outside Tokyo. Baseball and softball are held at Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium, located in the area most affected by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. The furthest match venue from Tokyo is Sapporo, 850 kilometers north of the capital, where group stage soccer matches, track and field races and marathons are held. Located on the eastern coast of Japan’s Honshu, Kashima, 100 kilometers from Tokyo, hosts a number of events in men’s and women’s soccer, including semi-finals and bronze medal matches in women’s soccer.

New disciplines

For younger fans, or as part of a move towards gender equality in the Olympics, a number of sports are introducing new details at Tokyo 2020. For the first time in basketball, a 3×3 match is played. BMX Freestyle is a new event in Olympic cycling, and the Madison event is back on the cycle track. In swimming, three new sub events have been added: women’s 1500m freestyle, men’s 800m freestyle, and mixed 4x100m medley relay. Mixed events have been added to athletics as well, and 4x400m mixed relays will be held in track events. Three mixed events have been added to shooting: Hybrid Trap, Hybrid 10m Air Pistol, and Hybrid 10m Air Rifle. A new mixed team event will also be held in archery.

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