Need Help Living in Your Life in Korea? Come Closer, Let Me Help: Global Lounge

The second semester of this year has begun. You have finally laid out a class schedule, memorized all the buildings and classrooms where you are taking your lectures, and bought all the textbooks your professors required you to buy. However, you still feel unprepared for your life in Hanyang University (한양대학교), and in Korea. Surrounded by unfamiliar language, different culture, exotic environment, anyone would feel uncomfortable and difficult to fit in. But regardless of how you feel about your surroundings right now, you are going to feel that way only until you get used to the city and the language. Here, a great pointer on how to get used to Korea and learn Korean: Global Lounge Korean lesson!

Global Lounge, What Is It?

In the International Building (국제관) of Hanyang University, there is a special room called “Global Lounge” which was completed only a few months ago. Comfy sofas, large tables and colorful wallpapers in the room welcome the visitors. As its name “Global Lounge” implies, this place is for foreign students. You will see many faces from different backgrounds in the Global Lounge. Currently, a lot of foreign students are coming to Hanyang University for many reasons: Master’s degrees, doctoral degrees, Korean language school or an exchange program. All head to Seoul with high hopes and great expectations, but most of them feel difficulties regarding Korean language and getting used to the new place alone. Especially many struggle with writing official documents and reports in Korean. Global Lounge Korean lesson is here for them, helping those who have trouble with language difficulties. In the lesson, a Korean student (We call him/her a ‘mentor’.) helps a foreign student with any issues. The lesson is a one-on-one talk so that a foreign student can get help most effectively. As the lesson is held based on subscription, the first come is first served. In order to apply for the class, you should check out the email in your mail box from International Department of Hanyang University and RVIP. If you fail to find the email, you can simply visit office 218 in the Division of International Studies building and ask for the online application form for Global Lounge class. After applying for the class, the only thing that you have to do is to come to the Global Lounge at the exact time you registered, to see your Korean friend! Don’t hesitate to participate in Global Lounge class, Korean friends are waiting for you!

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Hesitating? Listen to Their Comments

Q. Can you share your experience with Global Lounge Korean lessons in the previous semester?


A1. Hello, this is M. Irfan Siyal, lecturer in N.T. University in Pakistan and Ph.D research student in Hanyang University Seoul campus. When I joined this university, I came to know that life without Korean language is immensely difficult here whether inside or outside of campus. I couldn’t find any way out in my first semester but look for the thoroughly easiest and most effective language learning program. Later in my second semester I got in touch with this Korean tutoring program. I found this program very interesting. Tutors in this program (especially Ahran, Alice and Woojin) remained interactive, friendly and very motivating, helping and kind hearted throughout this program. Tutors always try to dedicate their precious time among their tough schedule to make international students fully aware of important Korean language vocabulary and grammar. I wish and pray that may this program grow much more.


A2. My namf19353c27e6f1e2b8b0117a28818b6273efd91b3b9497b2a9e718d48e451ef30e is Im-Jung Ban. When I first stepped into Seoul, I felt like there was no one to help me. I even have a few experiences getting lost in a such small district of Wangsimni. Getting used to the new place was not easy. Also, as everything is in Korean, as a Chinese student myself it was so hard to follow Korean lectures. However, through this Global Lounge lessons, I have met several Korean friends from whom I could learn Korean language. The help I got from them was not only about the Korean language itself but also about living in Seoul Korea which was such a mysterious city to me. Also, as it was my first time to come to Korea, having close Korean friends meant a lot to me. I feel very lucky to know this
program and meet my Korean friends.


Don’t Miss Charms of Global Lounge

Global Lounge class offers not only linguistic help but cultural experience too. After getting acquainted with your Korean friends, they might guide you through Seoul, the culturally affluent and so much inspiring city. In fact, I have spent some time with my foreign friends as their mentor and a friend, outside of the university and visited some worth-travelling places like Konkuk University (건국대학교) and Gangnam (강남). Reaping over the national border, students will be able to be each other’s long lost friends. I am sure that this opportunity will give you broaden your perspective and experience the new. Global Lounge Korean class starts from September 9, 2016. This is not the sort of opportunity that comes along every day. Don’t miss the opportunity.


Article by Ahran from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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