Chinese Food in Seoul (Part 2)

Three weeks ago, I introduced 3 Chinese restaurants to you. Did you try it? How was it? Chinese food is so abundant that one article can’t cover it. So I decided to write one more article about it. This time I focus more on the Chinese snacks, along with one additional restaurant. Let’s start the food journey again.



Most Korean and Chinese students know that there are many Chinese restaurants located nearby Konkuk University (건국대학교). You can easily find Chinese restaurants in this area. Fumanlou, with great popularity, is always recommended by visitors online. It has hot pot and stir-fry buffet. The well-known food includes braised flat fish (with hot red peppers/ scallion)风味碟鱼头, braised pork in soy sauce (红烧肉), Chongqing peppery chicken (重庆辣子鸡), roast lamb chop (风味羊排).


A clean and warm environment (Source:


Pot bag meat. 锅包肉 (Source:





You can choose many kinds of meat and vegetables if you select the hot pot buffet (Source:

The price of hot pot and stir-fry buffet is 13,000 KRW per person. Here is the menu in Chinese. The price of each dish is little expensive. So it would be better to eat with friends.

Location: Konkuk University Exit 6, 13-41 Jayang-4dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 광진구 자양4동 13-41 건국대학교 6번출구)



Tianjin Stuffed Bun (天津包子)

Stuffed bun is a common Chinese breakfast, quite different from Korean culture. Tianjin stuffed bun is very famous in China. The boss of this restaurant is also from Tianjin. So you can order the food in Chinese too. If you are sick of eating kimbap (김밥), you can try it. I think it can help you relieve some homesickness.

In addition to stuffed bun, this canteen serves fried noodles, Huntun soup(馄饨汤), grilled dumpling, Chinese five spice smoked chicken etc.

This is the menu. As you can see, the price is quite reasonable and you can try several dishes once a time. This canteen is located in Samcheongdong (삼청동). You can get off at line 3 Anguk Station (안국역) exit 1. What’s more, Samcheongdong is a good place to buy souvenirs. It is excellent to spend one day here.


지엔빙zizi (煎饼果子)


(Source: )

Jianbing is also a traditional Tianjin snack. 지엔빙zizi is a new canteen opened in Hongdae (홍대). The boss is Korean who has one year experience in China. What are inside the Jianbing? Jianbing contains egg, three kinds of seasoning and some vegetables. You can choose spicy and non-spicy one. The traditional one is 5,500 KRW per snack. If you want to add others, like sausage, dried meat floss and cheese, you need to pay more. Comparing to Chinese one, this is much expensive. But after consideration, it is acceptable.


You can order TsingTao Beer too (Source: )


This is the map. You can find it easily by following it (Source:




大号 (Dahao)

This is the last one I want to share with you. Also, it is the closest one among these restaurants. It is located in Wangsimini (왕십리), near Baskin Robbins, and just opened one month. Dahao is a cake shop. There are two types: traditional and cream one. Traditional cake is 5,500KRW, and cream cake is 6,500KRW. Actually, this roast cake is from Taiwan. Although it looks very usual, it tastes quite delicious.



Source: Naver Maps

If you want to buy, you need to be on time! Last time, I waited it nearly 25 minutes. There are many people who want to try it. You can share with your friends, or you can eat it for breakfast. I recommend you eat it as soon as possible. A hot cake one is better than a cold one.


Article by Jessica from China

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