Health problems while staying in Korea

Sooin Moon

Living in a foreign country can be tough. New people, new foods, new languages and new cultures can shock your bodies, making you sick during your short time here. There are so many cases that can hurt you or make you sick. One of the most frequently seen happening would be being sick due to drinking too much or injuries during exercise. For instance, I’ve seen quite a few friends hurt their legs while playing basketball, and in some serious cases, some even pull a ligament or even break their legs.

Of course, it is best to prevent injuries by playing carefully and keep yourself healthy. However, when things happen, they do happen, and you have to be prepared for such accidents in a foreign land, with no proper insurance.

What’s the best thing you can do, when you are hurt?

If it is nothing life threatening, I’d recommend visiting the Hanyang University’s campus health clinic. They will attend to your sprained ankle or any wounds, colds and any kinds of everyday health problems. It will not cost you, as you are the university student, unless it’s a serious case.


The center is on the 3rd floor of the student hall. During the semester, it will be open from 08:30 to 17:30. The time may change during the weekend or holidays and 12:00-13:00 is their lunch time, so it will be closed. If you have no idea where you need to go, or need further information, then you can always call (02-2220-2117~9), which is a number to the security department for student situations. The entire health clinic is operated by two nurses who will try their best to attend to your health problems. (


If the problem is not an emergency problem, but quite a serious one, then try visiting Hanyang University hospital. Hanyang University hospital is a bit pricey, but they will provide discounts if you are Hanyang University student. Their number for further information is (02-2290-8114), and the number for making appointments is (1577-6382).

When you are accepted as an exchange student to Hanyang university, you are required to join the foreign student’s insurance. So, once you have visited the hospital and paid for any kinds of treatments you have received, you need to get the receipts and papers that provides proof that you’ve been there. After that, you can always check the website for exchange student insurance.


And if you are looking for was to get your reimbursement by insurance right now, then I suggest going into this url and check the things they are asking you to do.

(How to claim insurance ->


However, the real problem is when you are in serious health problem and need attention immediately. First of all, you can always call 119 for all situations, the national emergency call. They speak various languages including English, Chinese and Japanese. If you need hospital information and consultation, 1339 is also a good place to call, where they will speak English. However, I want to restress that it will cost you. Even with insurance, there are definitely a lot of treatments that are not covered by it, and some of them will cost you even when it is covered, because they don’t cover 100%.

In the end, there are ways to get treated for different situations. However, it is best to keep your cost low, so make effective visits and calls so that you don’t have to pay too much. After all, the exchange student is for you to enjoy not only Hanyang university, but Korea, so please be sae out there. I wish you guys the best luck for the rest of the term, and, have fun while you stay here.

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