GSTAR Convention! (Games)

Kim Yunkun

Hi guys!

Are there any game enthusiasts out there? Today ill be introducing to you about an event all you game lovers will love. It is GSTAR or Game Show & Trade, All-Round! It is the biggest gaming event held in Korea in Busan.

GSTAR started off in 2005. Although in terms of size of the event is not big as E3 or TGS, as the biggest gaming event in Korea, numerous Korean gaming companies announce their latest game here.

The event is not just a showcasing of new game launches but includes new techs, gaming gears, live game streaming, and with indie game creators as well. The place offers connection with investors to game developers, offering exclusive opportunities for startup game developers. With over 662 companies from 30 different companies holding more than 2870 booths at this year’s GSTAR convention, it is the biggest yet to come since it first started in 2005. Mentionable big names include Nexon, NC Soft, Netmarble, Daun KaKao, Epic games (developers of Fortnight), Blue Hole (developers of PUBG), Google Korea, Facebook, and Twitch.

The event is held at BEXCO Busan, from 15(Thu) – 18(Sun) November.

KakaoTalk_Photo_2018-11-06-18-10-49-10This year’s program starts off with Korea Game awards on the 14th then there is the welcome reception for buyers to meet with the participating companies. The Official opening ceremony starts at 15th 10am at the BEXCO number 1 exhibition area. Also, there is an international game conference going on from the 15th 11:00 – 18:00 and on the 16th from 10:00 – 18:30, called G-CON with 20 sessions, (2 key note speeches, 1 special session and 17 normal sessions) about console, PC online, marketing, platform, engine, graphic, blockchain and so on. Along with the conferences there is also a game investing market for game publishers, investors, game developers, venture capitals. To rap up, there is even a job recruitment festival on site during the GSTAR event for those interested in the gaming industry.

Other events include Costume player’s awards, EA official e sports tournament, and invitational main stage contest where famous online streamers from Twitch are invited to stream online and meet the fans.

Gamers can gain firsthand information on upcoming updates or releases on their favorite games. Meet the developers, gain exclusive goods only available during the GSTAR event. Enjoy costume players amazing creations of favorite game characters, and even gain the chance to work for the company that they dreamed of

The tickets are priced at 8000 won for one day. If you are buying the tickets on site, be aware you are only able to gain tickets for that day.

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