Ttukseom Amusement Park

Kim Yunkun

Hello guys! With a lot of holidays in October and with the weather becoming cooler, it is becoming the perfect weather for going on a picnic. If you wanted to go on one but was not sure about the destination let me introduce one of my personal favorite spots. Today I will be introducing you guys to a good picnic area located near Hanyang University near the Han River; it is the Ttukseom Amusement Park. You are able to get there by taking line number 2 till Konkuk University station then transferring to line number 7 to go one more station to Ttukseom Amusement Park

그림1그림2Historically, Tuckseom was the dock in Han River that connected the Gangnam area and Songpa area. With the development of the Ttukseom Amusement Park there are many facilities you can visit and enjoy.

Upon getting out of the station, you are greeted with the Looper(insect) culture sightseeing complex. Acting as both the entrance to the Ttukseom Amusement Park and as a culture park, it is connected with the Ttukseom Amusement Park station. It gains the name from the resemblance to the Looper insect and is composed of 3 floors. With many artworks and places for children to learn about the nature, there is also a free library offering about 3000 books which are only available for reading and not for borrowing.



Other facilities that you can use include Nature learning center with paths that you can walk while enjoying the different plants, a rose garden, a Music fountain that will be on show for an average of 3 to 6 shows per day, an outdoor swimming pool open during the summer season that becomes a snow sled park, camping area.

The place also lends out duck boats and bicycles to those willing to exercises more! There are 5 types of bicycles on offer, single, child, Tandem, advanced, and with an infant. The prices differ with single and child starts from 3000won per 1 hour and 5000won per 2hours. Going over the time limit, there is extra 500won per 15 minutes. While Tandem and advanced prices start from 6000won per 1 hour and 10000won per 2hours with 1000won per 15 minutes for over time.

In the weekends from 11am to 4pm, there is a flea market people come and go where 10% of the total revenue is donated to charities. There are many different items that people bring that are on sale for very cheap price. Who knows? Maybe you can find something useful wile donating at the same time!


What makes the Ttukseom Amusement Park great is that it is a great picnic place that you can enjoy with your friends, family, or loved ones. With lots do and see, coupled with the great delivery system of Korea Ttukseom Amusement Park makes one of the best go to destinations for Chi-Maek! I hope you guys all go for a picnic during the weekends before the weather becomes too cold! Also as mentioned above, the Ttukseom Amusement Park is only one station away from Konkuk University station. Full of places to eat and drink wile go shopping as well, such as the Lotte Department store, a recommended weekend day would consist of enjoying the daytime at the Ttukseom Amusement Park then switching to the Konkuk University station area for diner and few drinks! From my personal experience, it was a pleasurable experience.

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