Seoul Lantern Festival

Kamari Koonce              Every year the city of Seoul has a huge festival in November called Seoul Lantern Festival. This year the festival runs from November 2nd through November 18th. I thought it would be a great way to spend the weekend, so I gathered some friends and we went on a Saturday night. I […]

Buddha’s birthday

Sooin Mun Having a break from a tight schedule can be really good, especially if you were planning to go on a trip while staying in Korea. Considering how it is quite close to the final exams but not that close that you’d feel pressured to study while the vacation, it will be a very […]

Facts on Temple Stay in Korea

One of the reasons people travel is to see the beauty that exist in the world. However, sometimes our inner beauty is left unexplored. With all the chaos in our lives from school, relationships, and travel, it is important to step back and reflect on everything, something, or nothing. This is why I would recommend […]