New Bloggers for 2023 Winter Semester

Hello, my name is Pratibha. I am from India. I am a regular international student at the Business School of Hanyang. I am a freshman here. Being a foreigner myself, living and experiencing things from a foreigner’s perspective will allow me to present Korea from a different perspective. I am an introvert and I don’t […]

Places to Visit in Seoul During New Year’s Day

Mingi Woo With the winter holidays behind us, it is time to look to the upcoming New Year. With the covid restriction slowing receding, it is a great opportunity to visit the different site during the new Normal. In Korea, one of the most traditional and iconic landmarks during the New Year is the Bosingak […]

New Bloggers for 2023 Winter Semester

Hello everyone! I am Min Gi Woo, I am Mingi Woo currently a sophomore and will be moving up as a Junior next year. This is my first In-School activity after I finished my mandatory military service in the Summer. I am still adjusting to the outside world, which makes me nervous but also excited […]

Introduction and implementation of quarantine pass

Yugyeong Jeong A quarantine pass is a certificate that permits use of multiple facilities, such as karaoke rooms, gyms, and public baths, only to those who have completed the COVID-19 vaccine or have confirmed negative PCR test results. It is one of the measures of ‘With Corona’ that took effect on November 1, 2021. The […]

Connected Car, Expansion of Information Sharing

Yugyeong Jeong Recently, as the Internet has been combined with automobiles, ‘connected cars’ have begun to appear in which drivers share and utilize various information. A connected car is a vehicle that enables two-way communication by connecting information and communication technology to the vehicle. Connected cars communicate in real-time with other vehicles, transportation and communication […]

Accounting Frauds in Korea

Lim, Do Yeub In 2017, Korea ranked 63rd place out of 63 countries in the accounting transparency ranking conducted by the International Institute for Management Development. Unlike its economic status in the world, Korea’s accounting credibility level is still close to that of developing countries. Accounting fraud problems are one of main reasons for this […]

3 Best Movies to Watch at Christmas

DONGGYU LEE   This year seems to be having a quiet end of the year due to the never-ending COVID-19. It would be a perfect Christmas if you end the day with a movie with a Christmas atmosphere in the evening after a delicious meal with your loved ones on Christmas. If you only remember ‘Home […]

All about ‘NFT’

DONGGYU LEE The word ‘NFT’ that you hear a lot these days, what exactly is this NFT? NFT stands for ‘Non-Fungible Token’. The fungible tokens each have the same value and function. They can be exchanged with each other, and if a 1:1 exchange of the same unit occurs, it is the same as if […]