Spring Cherry Blossom Spots!

Rowie Eka Limputra

Rowie Eka | Hellooooo All ! Spring is happening now! Spring is definitely one of the best season in Korea. As you know during this season, Korea will have cherry blossom blooming beautifully all over the country. However, this will only last for only a week before the cherry blossom peak moment end! And in Seoul the peak moment is start at 28th of March for this year! SO….. make sure you save it on your calendar and know the spot to go to experience this breathtaking view of the nature. I will give you lists of best cherry blossom spot that you can visit, especially, if you want to have a instagramable pictures and videos.

  1. Hanyang University

Don’t underestimate our school guys!!! Cause I saw some of the cherry blossom yesterday and it was amazing even it was not the peak time yet! There are a lot of spots all around our campus that are amazingly beautiful! My favourite spots is main gate of Hanyang University towards the Shinhan Bank, but there are other spots like, infront of the HIT building near the library, infront of business building, and the hill along the way to library. So you definitely can experience this for a whole week of school when you have class!

( I took this picture myself hahahaha )

  1. Seoul Forest

This second option will amaze you a lot if you are the type of people who want to have cherry blossom everywhere you are facing to! Because literally this place will have cherry blossom trees on you left and right all the way long….. So you will have a incredible pictures from every angle.

  1. Seokcheon Lake, Jamsil

Finally! This lake has always been my favourite spot to chill and just hanging around in every season. Because it has a big lake in the middle of the city with a spectacular view! And this place is close to lotte world and lotte tower! So, after hanging around the lake you can go have some snacks or proper foods there.

So now you know the spot and this is the time you GOooOOoOoO!!!!!!

Tell me how it feels if you go there! See you on next article !!!

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