Daegu Trip (Back Story)


Hey fam, it is nice to write after a long break. How you all are doing???

I am curious to know if any of you went to any of the places I recommended or anywhere in general. Well, I went to Daegu during the Winter holidays. Sounds fun right??!!!!

So, how it all started???

Well, I came across an Instagram story about a tour company looking for international students to be the test group and examine the itineraries included in the trip and the whole experience and evaluate whether it is worth the amount they going to charge in future from prospective customers. It was fully free for us!!!! Who would leave such a great opportunity? I signed up for that right away.


Disclaimer: Guys always be aware of scams. The person who uploaded that is my friend so I know whatever it is, it is a legitimate company.

There was a link to a google form asking for information like name, date of birth, passport number, university name, also special dietary information they need to know etc. [Keep this dietary part in mind, there is a main event related to this in the following blog 😉]

I filled in all the necessary information and checked all the instructions given related to the meeting location, itineraries, what to expect etc. The same day in the evening, I got the confirmation mail and then they added me to the Kakao chatroom. All the staff could speak English so this was the best part. By the way, it was a 2-day 1 night trip. I was guided about everything through the announcements in the group chatroom. They explained all the things we need to be aware of during the trip.

Then the time was revealed at which we were supposed to be at the meeting point. The bus going to take off from Seoul station. They booked a private premium class bus. They explained thoroughly the meeting point because it was difficult to find for us to find as we all were new here. They also aided in case someone cannot find the location.

The weather was cold that day and apparently because it was Saturday morning, there was a lot of traffic. Due to this, the bus was a little late. However, it was good for us as by that time, everyone already gathered there and we all had the opportunity to talk to each other.

[TMI: I was the one to reach the meeting point the first 😂]

Another interesting point as we all introduced each other was that the diversity of countries was real and most of them were students either at Yonsei or Sogang and I was the only one representing Hanyang. [By the way, your girl made a great impression on them and did her best in representing Hanyang as a university full of fun and vibrant people 😊 ].

Amidst the talks, the bus arrived and we all entered the bus and get seated.

I’ll make the next part from here. See you all in the next blog……


I know in this blog there are no pictures. It must be boring to look at. So, here is me signing off 📴

Context: (huh…..next blog coming????) 😂

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