September Mock exam for SAT, becoming a ticket for vaccine.

Jiyeon Choi

Recently on online, posts about people who are not candidates for SAT signing up for mock exam are becoming an issue since actual examinees can be badly affected through the variable number of applicants. As Korean SAT assesses students on a relative scale, the number of candidate is an essential element of the grades. However, SNS postings related to this matter are increasing as many people are signing up more and more to get a vaccine. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education announced that people in their 30s and 40s, who applied to take the mock test in September, will receive the Pfizer vaccine just like other test takers although they are applying just to get a vaccine.

Pfizer vaccine is known to be more effective than other vaccine such as AstraZeneca vaccine. This recognition was also another big reason that caused this incident. Because of this whole mock test being a vaccine ticket, there are a number of cases in which repeaters and students preparing for SAT were unable to apply for the mock test. Mock tests for SAT are crucial. They imply how the final exam will be and let students to undergo in the most similar environment as the SAT. Experiencing the tension and overcoming the pressure is known to be the key factor to get a good grade. Among all the mock tests September is studied to be the most important test so to students this depressing event was a disaster.

Those who applied for the mock test in September for vaccination purposes should not take the actual test. If they submit a blank paper, the test takers will be overrated than their actual skills and this will have a massive effect on their final grades for the SAT.

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