Short form content – way to be simple and clear

Lee Sooyeon

             I am sure most of you have heard about ‘Tiktok’ and ‘Reels’ on Instagram. Those are examples of short form contents, which are commonly used these days in the marketing world. To help you determine your content length, you first need to know a clear definition of what constitutes short-form content and what is considered as long-form.

             You are probably used to creating different content formats — from video and infographics to social content, interactive content, and others — but just as you have likely established a process for determining the right one to use, you also need to figure out how long your content should be.

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             So, what is a short form content? Short-form content is typically considered to be content of fewer than 1,200 words in length, although some marketers draw the cut off-point at 1,000 words. It is typically quick and easy to digest content that covers a specific area of a topic, rather than going too in-depth or detailed.

Common formats of short-form content include:

  • Short blog posts
  • News articles
  • Social content
  • Emails

             This type of content isn’t too heavy on your audience, won’t take long to consume, and is typically relatively quick and easy to create. The goal of short-form content is also often to get a single message across quickly and effectively. It is all about sharing one idea and keeping things simple.

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