‘Waste-Free World’ and change of companies

Yugyeong Jeong

According to the BBC, beverage company Coca-Cola is collaborating with Danish paper container developer Paboco to launch a prototype of Adez, a fruit soda in a paper bottle this summer. The prototype is made of super-strong paper shells, and is designed to be 100% recyclable, composed of bio-based materials that are resistant to liquids, carbon dioxide, and oxygen. Coca-Cola, which has been criticized for having had a major impact on environmental pollution with its huge amount of plastic waste, is currently working on its own campaign, “Waste-Free World,” by not only launching paper bottle products, but also picking up trash in the Hungarian River Basin.
Eco-friendly changes have begun in the Korean beverage industry as well. Since December of last year, with the mandatory separation of transparent plastic bottles and the growing social and environmental interest of consumers, eco-friendly management has become a necessity rather than an option for companies. Transparent PET products with labels that can be easily removed or without labels are being released. Lotte Chilsung Beverage, which introduced label-free bottled water for the first time in the industry in January last year, expects to reduce the amount of packaging material generated by about 5.4 million this year through the change. In addition, eco-friendly products are expanding throughout the industry, with Dongwon F&B launching a label-free product for the first time among tea beverages in Korea.
As ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) management has become a hot topic around the world, companies are competing for eco-friendly products in earnest. As environmental issues are emerging, eco-friendly policies have become essential for the launch of products in the industry. Consumers are also becoming more aware, and even with the same product, more environmentally friendly products are selected.

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