Seoul Bike ‘Ttareungi’ Operates ‘Sprout Ttareungi’

Yugyeong Jeong

‘Ttareungi’ is an unmanned public bicycle rental service operated in October 2015 in Seoul. It was introduced for a healthy and clean city. If bicycle use becomes a daily life, citizens’ health can be improved. In addition, by increasing the share of bicycle transportation, CO2 generation can be reduced, thereby realizing the national vision of low-carbon green growth. Bicycle rental stations are mainly installed in places that are convenient to access and use, such as subway entrances, bus stops, schools, and banks. Bicycles can be rented and returned wherever the rental station is installed after simple payment through the app. Now commuter passes and daily passes are available, and are divided into 1-hour and 2-hour passes. Bicycles are made of lightweight and durable materials, with driving stability and convenience as the top priority. After the ride, you can also check the driving information (distance, time) and amount of exercise.

From March of this year, ‘New Ttareungi’, which can be rented by recognizing QR codes, was introduced. It can also be easily returned by simply pulling the lock lever. The lock lever has been improved for the problem of being difficult to recognize at night and for the convenience of the return method. “New Ttareungi” plans to operate 23,000 units by this year, and plans to replace all bicycles with QR types by 2022. The electric bike ‘E Ttareungi’, which was planned to be introduced in April, was postponed. This is because there is a high risk of transmission of infectious diseases through a safety helmet, which is a necessity for using an electric bicycle.

From November 30th, “Sprout Ttareungi” was introduced. It is a bicycle model that is reduced in size and weight for children and the elderly. It started with the suggestion of a high school student who wants to ride a “Ttareungi” with his younger brother. The age of use has been extended from 15 to 13 years old. With the expansion of the age of use, even teenagers who have not been able to ride “Ttareungi” due to their age can use bicycles for commuting. Therefore, the demand for eco-friendly transportation can be expected to expand. In addition, regardless of age, users can choose a bicycle according to their size or body shape. ‘Sprout Ttareungi’ is first deployed in Songpa-gu, Gangdong-gu, and Eunpyeong-gu, where bicycle roads are well-equipped. After that, it will decide whether to expand it by collecting opinions from citizens.

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