Global Warming and Climate Change

Yugyeong Jeong As global warming continues, there have been many natural phenomena in 2020. Many countries have been damaged by massive forest fires, hurricanes, heat waves, and typhoons. In Australia, Siberia, and South America, some regions have been devastated by large forest fires. There were frequent hurricanes in the North Atlantic region. Africa and Southeast […]

Real Estate Panic Buying

Hajon Lee Korea has had its ups and downs with real estate. One of the most controversial and seemingly difficult problem the government cannot solve is the continuous increase in real estate prices. House price does not seem to be adjusted or stopped, they keep on rising and they have become unstoppable. The government has […]

The Reason Why People Have a ‘Starbucks’ a Day

Lee Sooyeon In Korea, you can easily find people having Starbucks in the morning, at lunchtime and even after work. Starbucks products are always an issue, and it is hard to find a place to seat at Starbucks in the weekend. It seems like it is more than just a cafeteria. Then why is Starbucks […]

Korean Students Need Confidence and Interest in Learning

Minjun Son Korean elementary school 4th graders and middle school 2nd graders had the highest international achievement in mathematics and science. However, it was surveyed that confidence in math and science skills and interest in subjects were lower than the world average in both elementary and middle classes. The Ministry of Education announced on the […]