Hangul Proclamation Day

Yugyeong Jeong

Hangul day is a national holiday to commemorate the creation of Hunminjeongeum, the original name of Hangeul declared in 1446. Hangeul was created by King Sejong of the Joseon Kingdom. It is celebrated every October 9th and this Friday is the 574th Hangul day. On the day, many websites replace their logos with Hangeul(NAVER: 네이버) for one day and distribute Korean fonts. Since the outdoor event has become difficult this year, it would be fun to take a walk looking at Korean signboards around Gwanghwamun Square or to use our language instead of loanword when talking to friends.

In many industries, marketing for Hangul Day is conducted. Wine importer ‘Naracella’ launched Korean label wines to celebrate Hangul Day. As a limited edition, the brand name was marked on the front label in Korean for the first time among domestic imported wines, and the package was also specially produced. E-Mart 24 will present mask straps that embody Hangeul on a first-come, first-served basis. The mask strap is designed with an emoticon that embodies the consonant ‘o’ of ‘Ariari’ in the pure Korean word of ‘Cheer up’. E-Mart 24 mobile members can participate in the event starting at midnight on the 8th. This free gift event takes into account both meaning and practicality, and Yoo Chang-sik, head of E-Mart 24’s sales and marketing team, said, “We hope our customers will reflect on the meaning of Hangul Day and gain strength through mask straps.” Also 7-Eleven completed a project to restore the font of General Kim Jwa-jin in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Cheongsan-ri in October and Hangul Day on the 9th. The font was applied to various products. You can see many products such as Janggun Bibimbap, Janggun Rice Fist Rice, and Janggun Macaroon in convenience stores.

Hangul day events are also held online overseas. In July, India first adopted Korean as a second foreign language. From the 8th to the 9th, Hangul Day events, quiz competitions, and Korean song competitions will be held online. The Singapore Culture Promotion Center will hold the online Korean writing contest until the 7th. In addition, various events such as Korean Speech Contest and Calligraphy are held around the world. 32 Overseas Cultural Centers in 27 countries currently operate 31 King Sejong Institutes, playing a key role in spreading Korean language abroad.

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