Small Items that Improve the Quality of Life

Yugyeong Jeong

From the beginning of this year, every day has changed due to COVID-19. Schools were replaced by online classes, and meetings between people were reduced. I thought it would get better by fall, but it did not subside, perhaps because people are tired of the prolonged situation and their alertness is delayed. Naturally, we are getting longer stays at home. So I will introduce small items to enrich homebody life.

  • Shower Head Filter

A while ago, a larva was found in tap water in Incheon. This situation expanded nationwide as well as Incheon. As people’s anxiety over unclean water grew, demand for shower head filter surged. In particular, students living in Seoul may be worried about the shower head filter used by others whenever they move. In addition to removing residual chlorine in tap water, it can be selected from a variety of scents, and even LED filters are released, so it would be fun to choose.

  • Foam Roller and Yoga Mat

The movement is decreasing because it is time to refrain from going out. Many people are worried about weight gain and are looking for at-home workout videos. We can choose from Yoga, dance, fitness, and stretching according to physical condition and needs. And nowadays, there are programs that follow routines for a set period of time, so even beginners who have weak wills or are not good at sports can challenge. Yoga mats help to achieve stable movements and prevent strain on the knee. Foam rollers help improve body shape and flexibility after exercise, and are effective in strengthening and relaxing muscles.

  • Chromecast

We can watch Netflix and YouTube on mobile or laptop computers. So, I wondered if there was a need to buy a Chromecast and connect it to TV. Then it occurred to me that watching a small screen for a long time would be bad for eyes. I’ve been using it for about half a year and it’s the best product I’ve bought this year. Netflix can be enjoyed with realistic screens and sounds. Connecting to YouTube and playing music helps to comfort loneliness and to make the day more briskly. It is also useful to follow at-home workout videos with the foam roller & yoga mat introduced earlier.

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