Seongsu Art Museum: Not your Ordinary Museum

Hajon Lee

Seongsu Art Museum’s location is of course in the name: Seongsu station, just around the corner of exit 1. It’s one floor underground so you just need to go down the stairs and there will be a vault door which you can see when you try to rob the bank. This is not your ordinary museum, but a painting cafe where you paint a drawing on a canvas. In pencil, the drawing is already laid out, so you would just need to choose the colors and paint the picture. Per person it is 22,000 won with unlimited time, unless there is someone waiting you will have 2 hours. There are various drawings from Disney’s Toy Story to Vincent’s sunflower. You can pick whichever picture you’d like to paint, and also order a coffee or drink. They will provide you with an apron and sleeves so the paint doesn’t smudge all over you. Everyone is made to wear a mask and the space is separated for two people each so I suggest you visit the place with a friend. After going to your place with the picture, a basic case with 10 colors is provided and also a tray with thousands of painting colors that were used before. I would also recommend filming a time lapse yourself and your partner with the tripod that is in the museum. Me and my partner decided to paint these two pictures, above is the product of painting for over 2 hours and a half. If you don’t finish the painting in time, you can keep it for later. If you do finish like us, they will provide you with a long plastic case which you can put drawing inside and take it home. Seongsu Art Museum is not an art museum that displays works, but a place where guests create their own works. Go and test out your creativity and enjoy a unique hobby!

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