Why Do Students Study at Cafés

Donghoon Lee There are a lot of cafes at Seoul. If you visit one, you might see a lot of students studying, people talking at the cafe. Koreans love cafes. According to ICO (International Coffee Organization), 2015 Korea ranked 6th in coffee consumption. Cafes at Korea has become a more of a place to spend […]

One-day Trip to Gangneung

Gaeun Kim Before the final exam period, I went to Gangneung on a one-day trip with my friend because I wanted to feel some cool breeze with no people around me. I arrived at Gangneung station by KTX train. The atmosphere at station was quite serene because it was Wednesday. We first went to Gangmun […]

Hyundai Card Cooking Library

Hajon Lee The Hyundai Card Cooking Library is a bit of a secret place where not many Koreans have visited. First of all, it is located in Apgujeong-Rodeo. Second of all, you are only allowed to enter all the floors if you possess a Hyundai card. You can bring a plus one to the place. […]

Taking Advantage out of Historical Pain

Lee Sooyeon The matter of comfort woman (people who were forced to be sex slaves by the Imperial Japanese Army) has been a huge historical and ethical issue for years. Recently, a news about Yoon Mi-Hyang (known as a South Korean human rights activist, politician, and author, and at the same time the former head […]