One-day Trip to Gangneung

Gaeun Kim

Before the final exam period, I went to Gangneung on a one-day trip with my friend because I wanted to feel some cool breeze with no people around me. I arrived at Gangneung station by KTX train. The atmosphere at station was quite serene because it was Wednesday.

We first went to Gangmun Beach near station and ate lunch. We ate some burger at ‘Café Paul & Mary’. Dishes were diverse, so I had many choices to choose. The recommended dish was Cheese burger with bacon. Eating delicious burger with gazing at ocean was a healing and a fresh experience. And then, we went to soft tofu gelato shop which is located in Chodang Sundubu (Soft Tofu) Village. You can visit here walking few minutes because it is near burger house. Soft tofu is a representative food in Gangneung, so you must eat soft tofu related food essentially when you visit here. This ice cream shop is called ‘Soontofu Gelato’. There are 17 different kinds of flavor. As all ice creams are made up of soft tofu, it tastes savory, nutty flavor blended with main flavor you choose. It is the unique food you can taste only in Gangneung, so try this ice cream when you visit here.

After finishing food touring, we went to the sea side in Gangmun beach. We took photos and had a small picnic here. Drinking beer with staring at ocean was really a healing for me. The color of the ocean was stretched out endlessly with different bluish colors. I didn’t need to think about anything else, just lay on a mat, watching at the blue sky and ocean alternately. Also, watching pink and orange colored sunset at ocean was a beautiful moment. The beautiful colors made by nature relieved me of all stress and allowed me to grasp a new mindset. I enjoyed enough by soaking my feet in cold shallow water, picking up some pretty sea shells, playing games with friend. I thought I could start my works with more concentration and confidence. I think having a short, peaceable rest is a best way to relieve stress, start my daily life with a new mindset. I hope we all can enjoy trip and heal ourselves without anxiety when this situation ends.

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