Hyundai Card Cooking Library

Hajon Lee

The Hyundai Card Cooking Library is a bit of a secret place where not many Koreans have visited. First of all, it is located in Apgujeong-Rodeo. Second of all, you are only allowed to enter all the floors if you possess a Hyundai card. You can bring a plus one to the place. The library is not your ordinary library, there are various activities that take place and also sections separated as if it was wonderland. It has three floors with the first floor being the so-called Deli. It is open to the public which includes a cafe, bakery, and a restaurant. Being a cooking library, the food and pastries meet high standards.

Using your Hyundai card to buy you something will give you a 10%-20% discount. There is tons of good food on the first floor. Then we come up to the second floor, where only Hyundai card holders can enter. It is a library with over 10,000 books with a spice corner. I would say the second floor is the highlight of the library, as it is the place where you actually feel it to be a library. It is a space to fill yourself with smells and colors that are presented upon you by your senses. You can mix spices and blend them together to test them out. On the floor, there is a self-cooking kitchen where you can register to cook a meal from which you have selected in one of the books on the second floor. The kitchen is very organized and its fine delicacy interior adds to the modernism to this day. They have all the fresh ingredients you need. It is a library where you can explore and enjoy gourmet food made by yourself. The last floor is where the cooking classes take place and contains a private European dining terrace called the green house. They have various cooking classes you can pre-register via online. The cooking library is a synesthesia experience which is not only read in cooking books. It will be a healing and fun experience if you have a visit with your friends.

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